26 Breathtaking Rooftop Pictures

For someone like me who is relatively afraid of heights, rooftop shots are certainly breathtaking. Considering the roof isn’t somewhere that is common to spend one’s time, a rooftop picture could make the roof your new favorite picture spot; even if the height makes you a little edgy. Check out these 26 rooftop pictures.


Rooftops by Alex

Milan from above

Milan from above by Suvodeb Banerjee


Salzburg by Becks

cocobay view

cocobay view by marcia taylor


Untitled by Vjeran Pavic


Dishes by Jack Zalium

Sea of Ripples

Sea of Ripples by Steve Hunt

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta by SMcGarnigle

Misty Zoom on East Paris

Misty Zoom on East Paris by Alexis D


Chimneys by KathrynMcGrane

London Rooftops

London Rooftops by Nicholas Schooley


Untitled by Jakob Montrasio

Dereham Rooftops

Dereham Rooftops by Steve Hunt

London Skyline

London Skyline by Kurtis Garbutt


Untitled by teesha dunn


Untitled by Jack Zalium

Pics from the attic

Pics from the attic by Bert Kaufmann


Vent by Shane Rounce

Dubrovnik Croatia 2011

Dubrovnik Croatia 2011 by Mark Heard


Rooftops by Tom Nelson

East village rooftop view

East village rooftop view by Matthew Hurst

Louis Copeland

Louis Copeland by Andy Doyle

Nyc sunrise

Nyc sunrise by William J Sisti

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic by LenDog64

Segovia Rooftops

Segovia Rooftops by May Michaely

Empire state of Mind

Empire state of Mind by Jamie Taylor

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