26 Groovy Guitar Pictures

As we all know, holding a guitar in your hands is an instant image booster, regardless if you can play (well) on it or not. The soundless pictures below prove this point, as well as that the guitar is a beautiful instrument in itself.

(Paper)tiger Jams {Explored} by Cameron Cassan

Electric Guitar by Sean Rogers

Clave de sol by Elisabeth D'Orcy

you and guitar by Victor Bezrukov

N. by Valeria C★Preisler

Image by Luis Hernandez

Guitar (1) by Rick Harris

Ilusión centesimal by Silvia

let her play by Petras Gagilas

Peace in Amsterdam by Ricardo Liberato

#75 - Mannequin Artist by John O'Nolan

guitar playing hands by Ginny

Bass guitar by Feliciano Guimarães

Hazy Days by Nicki Varkevisser

This is what i'll miss by Beautiful Insanity Photography

Day 283 / 365 - Skills by Jason Rogers

Doce by A. Pagliaricci ◄◄

Josh Moore by Joshua Hoffman

Image by Ffîon

Playing guitar by Hugo Chisholm

LIGHTS II by Shandi-lee Cox

JHC by stephanie carter

365 Days - Day 212 by Sarah Fleming

Joe by Dan Foy

Cam and I in guitar class by Nicki Varkevisser

blast from the past by Ibrahim Iujaz

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  1. Erik Kerstenbeck


    Love these – I would like to add a few of my own

    BC Rich Fierce!: http://t.co/XuU5iXB

    Red Ibanez : http://t.co/6BEkx6E

    regards, Erik
    Kerstenbeck Photographic Art

  2. James Aniah Cudjoe

    Is guitar world.

  3. james cudjoe

    Is all about guitar world
    Thank you.

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