26 Magnificent Sheep Pictures

The moment little lambs begin to appear, we realize that Spring has come around. This is a joyous occasion because sheep and lambs are incredibly photogenic. If you are still snowed in at the moment, hopefully you will get some warm, woolly feelings from these beautiful pictures.

Come in number 0187123, your time is up! Sheep, Dingli, Malta by John Haslam

Lamb - 5 by Roger Davies

Lamb - 1 by Roger Davies

a chorus line by Nico

family by Robb North

Irish Lamb by moonjazz

toronto island sheep by Stefan Powell

planet of the sheep by Noyes

Mountain view with sheep by Jule_Berlin

Old Man's Sheep by Kris Haamer

Deputation by Peter Eckersley

Seeing double.... by Keven Law

Follow Ewe - Follow me...:O) by Keven Law

Say Ewe, Say Me....... by Keven Law

Akaroa Harbour by Geof Wilson

Pasqua. Easter by Giulio Bernardi

Some are more equal than others by Dave Wild

On the Quartz Hill track, Wellington, New Zealand by Phillip Capper

Lend a girl some floss won't ewe! by John Haslam

Bicolor sheep by Tambako The Jaguar

Profile of a sheep by Tambako The Jaguar

beautiful day by Corin@ 2008

Jacob's Ladder by Hartwig HKD

sheep by Atli Harðarson

sheep at fulking by heather buckley

Holy Sheep! by Falk Lademann

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