27 Beautiful Examples of Blue Hour Photography

The blue hours, just before sunrise or after sunset, are excellent times to find dramatic lighting and an opportunity capture a blue/purple quality to your images. The window of quality light is many times short, but you can visit bluehoursite.com, an excellent photography resource, for more information to help you capture beautiful blue hour images, like these 27 examples.

Study in Blue

Study in Blue by Katherine Gendreau


Pillars by Katherine Gendreau

The Horseshoe Bend Estates

The Horseshoe Bend Estates by Azrin Az


Moonset by Marcos

Smurf Land at the Bay

Smurf Land at the Bay by Jeremy Hui

Harvest Moon Lighthouse

Harvest Moon Lighthouse by Katherine Gendreau

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge by jcorales

"i live to let you shine."

“i live to let you shine.” by daynna

The Bridge

The Bridge by Frank Schulenburg

Silent skies

Silent skies by János-Csongor Kerekes

blue hour

image by johnny myreng henriksen

False Creek Blue Hour

False Creek Blue Hour by Kenny Louie

Blue Hour at Bosön

Blue Hour at Bosön by Tobias Lindman

too cliché?

too cliché? by Robert S. Donovan

Singapore Skyline - Blue Hour

Singapore Skyline – Blue Hour by ecperez

Blue Hour

Blue Hour by Samuel Sharpe

The Unforgiving::HDR

The Unforgiving::HDR by Ikhwan Yuslim

Great Blue Sea

Great Blue Sea by Kenny Louie


Ruka by Timo Newton-Syms

One last capture

One last capture by Don McCullough

blue hour

Blue Hour by Ævar Guðmundsson


Houston by Katie Haugland

Of all hours this is best.

Of all hours this is best. by Robert S. Donovan

Deep In The Blue Hour

Deep In The Blue Hour by Nicolas Goulet


blue by Robert S. Donovan

heure bleue ardèchoise

heure bleue ardèchoise by Vincent Ros

better than HD

better than HD by Robert S. Donovan

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Bruce MacNeil

I really like blue hour photography and frequently find myself up early when on holidays and out trying to get that perfect shot. There are some great shots in this collection. Thanks for putting them together.

Bruce MacNeil

Meant to add that I particularly like Katherine Gendreau’s photos.

viktor rystad nilssen
Angela F.

Stunning! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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