27 Fascinating Fisheye Pictures

Pictures shot with a fish-eye lens are a little strange, but they make some of the most beautiful shots you will ever see. Here are 27 pictures that might ‘bend’ your view on the lens a bit.

Entrar II

Entrar II by JR F

Owen in Times Square

Owen in Times Square by Jen and a Camera

Cold Beach

Cold Beach by Halfrain

A Croquer

A Croquer by Patrick Subotkiewiez

Comme un Fisheye dans le metro

Comme un Fisheye dans le metro by Yannick Garcia


Untitled by Nikko Russano

A Fish-eye Praise The Lord

A Fish-eye Praise The Lord by Bruce McKay

Through the Looking Glass

Through the Looking Glass by Matt Clark

The Color of Spring

The Color of Spring by Ian Sane


Trolley by Ian Sane

Fisheye Self Portrait

Fisheye Self Portrait by Melissa Gray


Left by Kevin Dooley

Blue and Green

Blue and Green by skedonk


Tongue by Dave Wild

Scrub Oak

Scrub Oak by Chris Willis

Flagpoles in the Queen's Garden

Flagpoles in the Queen's Garden by Roger Price

Nothing Hill

Nothing Hill by Adriano Agulló

Happy New Year

Happy New Year by Estrup

São Paulo

São Paulo by Gustavo Gomes

Vegas at Night

Vegas at Night by Robert Scoble

Arrested Development

Arrested Development by Kevin Dooley


Untitled by Adriano Agulló

Street Remy: Trial in Paris

Street Remy: Trial in Paris by Eric Benacek

Rapture of the Urban Deep

Rapture of the Urban Deep by Tobias

Safeco Field

Safeco Field by ArtBrom


Canon by Mark Sebastian

The World of Paris

The World of Paris by Shoey

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  1. Tonya

    I love my fisheye!! Great photos, gotta love the cow ;) Thanks!

  2. Johan Oerum Hansen

    You should check out Christoph Spranger ( https://www.facebook.com/photographer.christophspranger?fref=ts )

    He got some of the most interesting fisheye shots I have ever seen.

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