27 Spectacular Pictures of the Sahara Desert

The Sahara Desert is one of the best places for a photographer to visit. Besides its incredible sand dunes and dramatic, varying shades of light and color, the Sahara seems to have an inherent mystique. The camels, nomads, oases and brilliant sunsets make the Sahara both beautiful and mysterious, being isolated yet still full of life.

sahara desert sand dunes

Erg Chebbi 1 by Ayme B.

sahara desert

Journey by Angela Kauffman

Sahara Silhouette

Sahara Silhouette by Elise Hibbard

sahara desert blue berber men

Blue Berber men by ZenzPhotography

Sahara Sands

Sahara Sands II by Alicia Elliott

Diplomats discover charm of Tunisian Sahara

Diplomats discover charm of Tunisian Sahara by Magharebia

Sombra de camellos sahara desert

Sombra de camellos by Guillén Pérez

Marocco Morocco sahara desert


Dunaren gainean sahara desert

Dunaren gainean by Mr. Theklan

dune sahara desert

dune3 by Laurent Bouclier

como hormigas sahara desert

como hormigas by bachmont

Algerian Dune sahara desert

Algerian Dune 3 by Viva NOLA

Morocco - Sahara - Nomade

Morocco – Sahara – Nomade by Celso FLORES

duna sahara desert

duna by Flávio Eiró

beetle sahara desert

Wandering by Hasna Lahmini

Sahra desert

Sahra by Hasna Lahmini

sahara sand dunes

Dreams and Solace by paintednegative

Sahara desert

Sahara by Alicia Elliott

The Road sahara desert

The Road by Fahad.m

Erg Chebbi sahara desert

Erg Chebbi by Julio Gago

Oasi di montagna (Tunisia) desert oasis

Oasi di montagna (Tunisia) by Francesco Sgroi

sahara desert dune

fine line by Martin Fisch

algeria camels sahara desert

algeria camels by albatros11

Golden Sand - white Desert sahara

Golden Sand – white Desert by Alfonso Ianni

fotógrafo sahara desert

fotógrafo by bachmont

sahara sandstorm

Relief by Hartwig HKD

sahara desert

Hombre de azul en Merzouga by Guillén Pérez

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Tina Mai

I love all these pictures! Some of them are very inspirational.

Evelyn A. Gariando

“Very beautiful and amazing of nature” Very attractive desert that I ever seen in my life…

Shiv Kumar Surya

Thanks to show beautiful Pictures of the Sahara Desert. Patterns are very attractive as well as the layers. All images are well captured. Composition and colours are impresive.


You were able to find mystery, along with some very geometric designs in the sand, as well as stunning color. Very nice!!


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