28 Characteristic Pictures of Hats

Hats can be a defining characteristic of a person, and in a similar way it gives great character to our pictures (much like umbrellas). In the following photos you can see how a hat adds to portrait, silhouette or scenic photography.

not like the others by David Urbanke

H'Mong babygirl - mũ mèo nhỏ by Bùi Linh Ngân

Morning Meeting at the Fish Market in Vietnam by Lucas Jans

Kayak sobre las nubes/Sailing in the sky by David Oliva

Definitely taking a nap:-) by Kasia

bernal heights park II by hobvias sudoneighm

124/365 - Blue Collar Romances by Helga Weber

A watchful eye by Andrew

Winter Stare... by Vincent

Pink Hat baby by Charlotte

Soul by Bill S.

Image by Ffîon

Beneath the Brooding Hill by Faith Goble

Golden Cornfield Tradition by Hartwig HKD

Routine - Golgotha I by Hartwig HKD

Dry by Hartwig HKD

Stranger #4/grace by S G

So she took her love for to gaze awhile by Amy Clarke

Staring at the sea by Mario

Soft Box by Melissa Barrett

Image by Lori Greig

Negotiations at the Fish Market by Lucas Jans

The wine waiter/La venenciadora by Jesus Solana

Lighting the way. by j g

War is Hell by Paul Stevenson

I'm taking my hat off by Dave Heuts

A little girl from Kaluk Bazaar by Sukanto Debnath

Jealousy... by Esther Gibbons

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hats off to you for those great images…

boom boom.. sorry couldn’t resist.. 😉

Jaimie Dee - Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Bahaahaha. Newspaper hat is my FAVORITE!! 🙂 <3


Lighting the way it’s fantastic. Compliments. (bellissima foto)

Larry Lourcey

What a great series. The Kayak image is a stunner!



A little girl from Kaluk is TOO adorable for words

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