28 Fascinating Metro Station Pictures

One of my favorite parts of traveling to big cities around the world is riding the metro. It’s convenient, fast, and the perfect reason to sell my car. Here are 28 fascinating metro station pictures that brings a good feel for the metro life.

All the troubles lie on his shoulder

All the troubles lie on his shoulder by rana ossama

"Georg-Brauchle Ring"

"Georg-Brauchle Ring" by jaime.silva

Metrotorino III

Metrotorino III by Giampaolo Squarcina

Warp Speed

Warp Speed by Brian Auer

*Underground* Traveling in Montreal's belly

*Underground* Traveling in Montreal's belly by Michel Filion

Albert's Secret Code

Albert's Secret Code by Fred

subway ghosts

subway ghosts by Chad Nicholson


Stockholm by jaime.silva

Viajar en amarillo.

Viajar en amarillo. by Cintia Fournier

Un día cualquiera...

Un día cualquiera... by Israel

Budapest Metro

Budapest Metro by Chris Frewin


waiting... by Thomas Lieser


Metro by pepe santa

Paris Metro

Paris Metro by Pedro Ribeiro Simões

metro bystanders

metro bystanders by Roger E

Metro Génova

Metro Génova by Emilio Pereira


Finally by Tarciso

Shoot and Scram

Shoot and Scram by Thomas Hawk

Fort Totten and Jerry Reed

Fort Totten and Jerry Reed by Kate Mereand

Russian metro

Russian metro by Éole Wind

zombies on the orange line

zombies on the orange line by James Calder

Ghost train

Ghost train by MorBCN

i haven't seen the advertisement

i haven't seen the advertisement by Tom Hensel

Metro Woman

Metro Woman by John Mueller

notting hill gate

notting hill gate by Paolo Margari

A metro's life - Paris

A metro's life - Paris by Fabio Venni

On the platform, reading

On the platform, reading by Mo Riza


Untitled by Phil Hilfiker

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