28 Great Yoga Pictures

Yoga is a unique mixture of spirituality and exercise, Eastern philosophy and Western popularity, and depending on who’s teaching the yoga class, one side or the other tends to dominate. Yoga is also an interesting meeting point for extreme outdoor enthusiasts and people who’d rather just stay in the city. Whether you’re in a gym or on a mountaintop, though, the way people contort their bodies during yoga can lead to some great photos.

Tree Pose 'Vrksasana' on Foggy Mountain Lake at Sunrise

Tree Pose ‘Vrksasana’ on Foggy Mountain Lake at Sunrise by Stephanie McDowell


Yoga by Shannon Beck

Yoga Warrior

Yoga Warrior II by Tess Peni

Lord of the Dance Pose on Beach at Sunset

Lord of the Dance Pose on Beach at Sunset by Stephanie McDowell

Meditate yoga

Meditate by Bhakti Omwoods


Ambassador Meghan Currie by lululemon athletica


Salutation Nation by lululemon athletica

wc yoga shoot

wc yoga shoot by Lisa Picard

11,750 Foot Yoga Moment

11,750 Foot Yoga Moment by a4gpa


For Web by Robert Bejil

Yoga Journal Conference

Yoga Journal Conference by lululemon athletica

Bondi Beach Yoga

Bondi Beach Yoga by Taro Taylor

yoga prayer

PRAYER by Vinoth Chandar


YOGA! July challenge by lululemon athletica

Practice Yoga, Be Healthy

Practice Yoga, Be Healthy! by Vinoth Chandar


Mrs. Bright Side by dollen

Yoga For Geeks Seattle Penguin day

Yoga For Geeks @ Penguin Day – Seattle by kris krüg

Petra's Yoga Poses around the world

Petra’s Yoga Poses around the world by lululemon athletica

Hidden Atmospheres yoga

Hidden Atmospheres by Chantel Beam

Tree yoga posture

Tree by Umberto Salvagnin

Stretched yoga

Stretched by Nicholas A. Tonelli


Day 26 by stephanie carter


Full Speed Ahead…Day 71 by stephanie carter

solitude yoga

solitude by jhoc

Upward Salute – Urdhva Hastasana

Upward Salute – Urdhva Hastasana by Mike Baird

Yogini yoga

Yogini by kris krüg


Do Yoga in New Colours by lululemon athletica

yoga bridge

Every teardrop is a waterfall by dollen

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Tyson Chamberlin

I love photography and most of the shots are marvellous, wish I could take pics like these..

Willie Robb

Yoga gives you dirty feet! It’s a great subject though. There is no other natural setting that could provide you with such fantastic poses.

jean-marc payet

Toutes mes félicitations, superbe prise de vue et composition magnifique, bonne semaine qui arrive

johann kotze

great stuff, great page. yoga is marvelous. do it, photograph it, do it, write about it, do it. did i say “do it”?

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