28 Pictures of Emergency Fire Escapes

Originally intended as a safety measure, fire escapes now have a range of identities besides ’emergency exit.’ In stories, they take on important roles as balconies, hiding spots and private meeting places. They can also be hang-outs for birds, playgrounds for cats and great obstacles for parkour traceurs. Regardless of what they’re actually used for, they make otherwise dull buildings look interesting in architectural photos, with their repetitive angles, drawn-out shadows and urban ruggedness.

fire escape

Fire Escape by Jessica Reiss

fire escape

Escape To Me by Scott Board

fire escape

The Urban Climb by Nancy Falso

Bright Red and Blue Fire Escape

Bright Red and Blue Fire Escape by Judy Weinberg

Fire Escape

Fire Escape by Jon Sutton

Fire Escape

Fire Escape by Rory Leslie

Going Down the Fire Escape

Going Down the Fire Escape by Lissette Padilla

fire escape

Hand in Hand by limeavenuephotos

Ohio Book Store fire escape

Ohio Book Store by Sara

fire escape

Shadow Drill by NewChicagoGirl

fire escape

EXIT CALLS by 9thCycleStudios

fire escape

Join the Procession by sparksoffire

fire escape

Fire escape by Carolyn Cortesi

fire Escape

Escape by Rory Leslie

Red Staircase fire escape

Red Staircase by Alyssa Preuss

Fire Escape, Downtown Houston, Texas by Patrick Feller

Fire Escape, Downtown Houston, Texas by Patrick Feller

Feuertreppe fire escape

Feuertreppe 1 by Rupert Ganzer

fire escape

stairway to… by sookie

red fire escape

Red by Ian Sane

Lower East Side, New York

Lower East Side, New York by Dave Glass

fire escape

escape by fiat luxe

Sneaky peek cat fire escape

Sneaky peek by Eva Prokop

Fire Escapes

Fire Escapes! by Ken Ilio

Defenestration fire escape chair

Defenestration by Dawn Endico

Industrial Riverside Back Entrance fire escape

Industrial Riverside Back Entrance by Dan Foy

fire escape

Across the corner from the pickle shop by joiseyshowaa

fire escape

660 and a 10mm by Neil Kremer

fire escape

New York City – Home of the Repeating Patterns by Kevin Dooley

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Jorge F.


The Soul Explorer

There’s a cat! So cute! 😀

Scott Board

Such a great collection of fire escapes. I just love how everyone approaches taking a photo a bit differently from each other.

Thanks for including my image!

Jessica Reiss

Thank you so much for including my image with all of these beautiful pictures!

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