30 Excellent Soft Focus Pictures

Using soft focus is an interesting method to look at the world in a different way. Soft focus can turn landscapes into dreamworlds, put an interesting perspective on ordinary objects, or allow you to put the focus on just one specific thing. Check out these pictures for inspiration.

evening fade by Jes

Wet Focus by Vincent van der Pas

Apples #2 by mac

Scary Movie 2 by BdwayDiva1

yellow by piX dust

Branches by Evonne

caleb by bryan

Life is Good -wish your blues away by Nina Matthews

Plum Blossom by sung ming whang

Empty Streets by Enkhtuvshin

Up Close and personal 365.50 by JJ & Special K

abstract by nosha

focus by ankakay

one by nao.k

Soft coreopsis by James Jordan

Dreaming of Valentine by Bill Harrison

OPATIJA in Colour by jonespointfilm

Lake Michigan peace by Kevin Dooley

okkervil river:a girl in port by Lali Masriera

Corkscrew by Kevin Dooley

lips of an angel by jenny downing

Fly Me Away by Fe Ilya

Lake-Fertő by jonespointfilm

Cliffs of Moher, Co. Clare, Ireland by Becky

Bayreuth by Hilke Kurzke

617a – Party Lights – Texture by Patrick Hoesley

soft lens by tsuda

Softness by *Micky

Diagonal by Kevin Dooley

Image by ClickFlashPhotos/Nicki Varkevisser

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  1. maria thereza de barros camargo

    marvelous photos. I loved them all.

    maria thereza
    from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  2. Lisa

    Beautiful…. nice to look at photos for inspiration!

  3. Marthin

    Very nice!

  4. Juan R. Martos

    Outstanding photos

  5. Anthony J Maietta, Sr

    Very nice an inspiring. Have to get back to my photography

  6. Serge

    adorable photos

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