30 Pictures of Barcelona, Spain

Day 21 in our 30 Cities in 30 Days series is Barcelona, Spain.


EXPLORE by Luis Hernandez

Good morning / Buenos días

Good morning / Buenos días by SantiMB

Casa Milà

Casa Milà by Juan Salmoral


BARCELONA by Neil Krug

Show me Barcelona

Show me Barcelona by Jose Maria Cuellar


Güell by Juan Salmoral

Palau de la Generalitat

Palau de la Generalitat by Juan Salmoral

barcelona desde montjuic

barcelona desde montjuic by Diego Sevilla Ruiz

Street life in Barcelona

Street life in Barcelona by Jose Maria Cuellar

Torre Marenostrum - 1/4

Torre Marenostrum - 1/4 by SantiMB


Cruce by Gerard Girbes



Out my Window in Barcelona

Out my Window in Barcelona by Andrew E. Larsen


Spires by gm8383

Inspecting Barcelona 144:365

Inspecting Barcelona 144:365 by Andreas Nilsson


Stress by SantiMB

Funky Barcelona Harbor Footbridge

Funky Barcelona Harbor Footbridge by Andrew E. Larsen

Por el barrio G'otico de Barcelona

Por el barrio G'otico de Barcelona by Guillermo Barrios del Valle


!!! by Juan Salmoral

Sunset over Barcelona

Sunset over Barcelona by Harm Rhebergen

Barcelona: Sant Pere, laundry

Barcelona: Sant Pere, laundry by Ard Hesselink

Cloudy sunset at Barcelona's harbor

Cloudy sunset at Barcelona's harbor by Paco CT

Barcelona by night

Barcelona by night by Jorge Orte Tudela


Untitled by Paco CT


Untitled by Javier Arce

The Guardian (HDR)

The Guardian (HDR) by Harm Rhebergen

Stone Rising

Stone Rising by Greg Gladman

Barcelona traffic at night

Barcelona traffic at night by Harm Rhebergen

Sunrise Over Barcelona

Sunrise Over Barcelona by Andrew E. Larsen

Clean air Barcelona Neta

Clean air Barcelona Neta by Paco CT

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  1. Full Name...

    Beautiful photos, thankyou. I love Barcelona. You can see my photos on http://freepix.eu/tag/barcelona/

  2. Rachel crane

    Where was “inspecting Barcelona” picture taken at exactly?

  3. Carlos Lorenzo

    This is by far one of the best selections of images around on the web about Barcelona. Thanks so much for sharing pictures that feature Barcelona my city as one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

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