30 Unique Pictures from Mongolia

Mongolia is a magical place. Its distinctive culture and landscape are perfect for traveling photographers. Just look at these 30 shots.

Mongolia. mazzaliarmadi.it landscape by Mazzali

Here by The Wandering Angel

I have a DREAM /anti H1N1/ by Jargalsaikhan Dorjnamjil

Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, Mongolia by yeowatzup

Landscape - Mongolia by tiarescott

Twilight's Prayer by The Wandering Angel

... by Daniel Gorecki

Fight of the Last Rays of Daylight by The Wandering Angel

Camp Toilogt, Mongolia by Edwin Lee

Przewalski's Horse by Paulo Philippidis

Mongolia. mazzaliarmadi.it landscape by Mazzali

Inner Mongolia by Boccaccio1

Mongolia by Daniel Gorecki

Land Rover in action in the Altai Mountains by Land Rover Our Planet

Shaman Altar by The Wandering Angel

Mongolia Landscape by tiarescott

Juvenile Détente by The Wandering Angel

Image by 10gis

Image by Enkhtuvshin

Mongolian flower by Jeroen Moes

Lone Tree - Mongolia Landscape by tiarescott

Gobi by Daniel Gorecki

"Questa bambina è MIA sorella!". "This is MY sister!". Mongolia 1994 by Luciano

There by The Wandering Angel

Mongolia Landscape by Mark Fischer

Giant statue of Genghis Khan by Ludovic Hirlimann

Road to Forever by The Wandering Angel

Mongolia Landscape by tiarescott

Mongolia. mazzaliarmadi.it landscape by Mazzali

I just liked this view... by Honza Soukup

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  1. Fotografii

    amazing pictures

  2. raymund


  3. faibo

    Amazing. Like them all. Is it expensive to travel there,let say for a week?

  4. Jeroen Moes

    Thanks for posting my photo ‘Mongolian Flower’ here! Good to see others enjoy my images! :)

    I really enjoyed travelling in Mongolia. Some of the friendliest strangers I have ever met anywhere, and the landscape is just incredible and like no other place I know. I would definitely recommend going there (we went there by train from Russia).

  5. Peter Ooi

    Stunning photos. Really love them. Wonder the type of camera used?

  6. Bayara

    Very beautiful. Grretings from Mongolia.

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