31 Halloween Carved Pumpkin Pictures

Whether you’re into dressing up all spooky for Halloween or not, both sides can probably agree that pumpkin carving is a fun fall activity for all ages. Give a cheap pumpkin to any person and their creative genius takes a hold of them to put together a carved pumpkin masterpiece. Here are 31 fun and creepy jack-o-lanterns.

happy halloween

Happy Halloween! by Robert S. Donovan

halloween pumpkin

a cat or course by Matt MacGillivray


Diabolic Pumpkin by ccalmeidalopes


Pumpkins by Walt Stoneburner

halloween pumpkin

image by N. Feans


Pumpkins! by Lotzman Katzman

Carved Cylon pie pumpkin

Carved Cylon pie pumpkin by Windell Oskay

Pumpkin Jack

Pumpkin Jack by Brian Garrett

halloween pumpkin

image by Darren Ryan

halloween pumpkin

Wee Westie Watching for Tricksters by Randy Robertson

Fairy Pumpkin House

Fairy Pumpkin House by Anissa Woodd

Jack O'Lanterns

Jack O’Lanterns by Peter Dutton

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween by Cindy

Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween Pumpkins by YAXZONE

carved pumpkins

Carved Pumpkins by Danya

drunk pumpkin

Drunk Pumpkin by twm1340

Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween Pumpkins by Justin

Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkin Carving by Nick Taylor

Jack o'Lanterns

Jack o’Lanterns by Teo

halloween pumpkin

image by Ava Rose

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! by Darren Johnson


Pumpkin by Tim Fields

Jack O'lanterns

Jack O’lanterns by Robbie Sproule

halloween pumpkins

Jack o’lanterns by William Warby

weak halloween

Weak Halloween by Michael Gil


Jack-O-Lanterns by Nomadic Lass

trick or treat

Trick or Treat by Paul

The Evil Fruit

The Evil Fruit by Dan Foy

jack o'lantern

Jack o’Lantern by William Warby

Jack-o'-lanterns Face Off

Jack-o’-lanterns Face Off by William Warby

halloween pumpkin

may the force be with you by Mike McCune

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Shyam Charan Beshra

Get job….iam amaged to see all these pumpkins


nice,but am afraided.coz i know the reasones why i afraid.i want cute beautiful lovely childrens infant child photos,images..flowers,awesome sceneries.

Thank Q



hi tis s so nice..and i wnt so much from u..


the carvings on the pumpkin are very overwhelming…!

Jayme Doran

Where did you get the pumpkin “pi” carving picture that I see linked from pinterest?

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