35 Beautiful Water Lily Pictures

Water lilies come in so many bright colors, and they reside in the most beautiful surroundings; the perfect combination for the perfect shot. Take a look at these 35 beautiful pictures of water lilies to get some great ideas.

Water Lily

Water Lily by TANAKA Juuyoh


Solitude by Tudor Livada

Water lilies, Kew Gardens

Water lilies, Kew Gardens by neiljs


Lilies by leighmcmahon


Lily by Paul Sapiano

Water Lily Flower Macro

Water Lily Flower Macro by Forest Wander

Victoria Regia Water Lily and Lily Pads

Victoria Regia Water Lily and Lily Pads by miquitos

The Pool's Pride

The Pool's Pride by Alexander Boden

Keep Your Head above the Water

Keep Your Head above the Water by Kasia

Memories of a water lily's dream

Memories of a water lily's dream by Joel Olives

Blue water lily

Blue water lily by Thomas Totz

Purple water lily

Purple water lily by Kabilan Subramanian

Attaining Wisdom

Attaining Wisdom by tinyfroglet

Two of a kind

Two of a kind by Louise Docker

Water lilies

Water lilies by Louise Docker

Water Lilies and Light

Water Lilies and Light by tinyfroglet

Object of perfection

Object of perfection by Bitterroot

you and I

you and I by coniferconifer

water lily

water lily by gertrud

water lilies

water lilies by Mahesh Kularatne

Water Lily

Water Lily by InkHong

Water lily

Water lily by Minette Layne

lily pads

lily pads by pamramsey


Remember by tinyfroglet


Untitled by sjoe


Ignorance by Matthew Kang

Water Lily

Water Lily by TANAKA Juuyoh

New York Monet

New York Monet by Claron Niu

Floating water lily

Floating water lily by Takashi Hososhima


Ephemeral by Steve Fuerst


Untitled by Miles

Water lilies

Water lilies by Shandchem

Water Lily

Water Lily by TANAKA Juuyoh

Tropical water lily

Tropical water lily by Johan Hansson


WATER LILY POND by carl & tracy gossett

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  1. maria thereza de barros camargo

    This time I almost lost my breath! Superb! Quite unbelievable! Congratulations!

    Maria Thereza

  2. Anka


  3. David BISE

    so nice !

  4. nagaradjane

    realy this is very good

  5. Jordyn Morris

    These are really amazing,I mean I’m only 12.But these are cool..a really cool idea would be to zoom out a bit and take a picture of a whole pond.

  6. Kirsti schilling

    Awesomely beautiful!


    when you stress flowers brings joy on your face . it is beautiful and i do love flowers lot

  8. sivakumar

    so good

  9. kalai arasi

    really good…relaxes my mind……..

  10. Laura from Ld Nature Photography

    Such beautiful variety and colors. Such interesting flowers. A beautiful collection of pictures!

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