64 Great Gifts For Photographers

If you’ve got a photographer that you’re going to shop for over the holidays or are having trouble figuring out what to get them for their birthday, then you’ll appreciate these 61 great ideas to help you find that perfect photography gift. We’ve updated this list from time to time with great gifts.

1. Photography Education
You can buy these online classes as gifts from Crafts. They also offer a free one. Pretty cool. (link)
photography class

2. Cameras
Although more expensive, no photographer will complain about receiving another camera to add to their collection.
d800 nikon

3. Lenses
Receiving a quality lens will bring tears of joy to a photographer’s eyes.

4. eBooks
Photographers are constantly looking to learn and improve their craft. What better way to help them by getting useful (and affordable) photography ebooks.

5. Digital Picture Frame
Your photographer can fall asleep looking at all their photos in one frame by their bedside. (link)
digital picture frame

6. Camera Phone Lens
For the ultimate phone photographer geek. (link)
camera phone lens

7. Flexible Tripod
Probably extremely useful for the outdoor photographer. (link)
flexible tripod

8. Lens Bracelet
Nothing screams you love photography like one of these. (link)
lens bracelet

9. Toy Camera (Holga)
Cooler than it looks. (link)
toy camera

10. Memory Cards
Always a good idea, but make sure you know what type your photographer uses. (link)

11. Camera Lens Coffee Mug
It looks like a real camera lens but keeps your coffee hot. (link)

Camera Lens Thermos

12. Photographer Jewelry
Photography bling. (link)
photographer jewelry

13. Lightroom Presets
If Lightroom is the editing tool of choice, this gift card will be perfect. (link)
lightroom presets

14. Camera Stamp
When not taking photographs, one can get creative with some ink and rubber. (link)
camera stamp

15. T-Shirt
Represent with some awesome photog clothing. (link)
photographer t-shirt

16. Photojojo
Pretty much anything from this site. (link)

17. Camera Bag
If they don’t have something to protect their camera, this one is a no brainer. (link)
camera bag

18. Christmas Ornament
Photography themed Christmas trees? (link)
christmas decoration

19. Cufflinks
Add (or subtract) extra points for style if someone shows up to the party with these on. (link)

20. Watch
Retro style watch featuring a F-Stop lens design. (link)
fstop watch

21. Custom Camera Strap
Because there are better alternatives than the standard straps that come with cameras. (link)
camera strap

22. Carbon Tripod
Those cheap metal tripods weigh a ton…and a carbon tripod is up there on every photographer’s dream list. (link)
carbon tripod

23. External Hard Drive
Everyone backs up their photos, right? (link)
hard drive

24. Professional LED Lighting
Photographers are attracted to great light. (link)


25. Camera Dolly, Camera Slider and Camera Mounting tools
Can be used to build DIY camera dollies, sliders and skate rigs for photography projects. (link)
rig wheels

26. C-Loop Camera Strap Mount
Bottom of the camera swivel mount for camera straps improves the shooting experience. (link)

27. Disposable Camera
A great stocking stuffer. (link)
disposable camera

28. ThinkTankPhoto Products
Probably our favorite camera bag and gear company out there. (link)


29. Apple iPad
Really handy traveling with and showcasing one’s portfolio. (link)

30. Photography Related Book
Getting a book of another photographer’s work is inspiring and provides quality coffee table reading. (link)
photo book

31. Lens Filters
An important tool in every photographer bag. Just make sure you know what size to get. (link)
lens filter

32. Colorful Camera Strap
Standard ones that come with cameras are so boring. (link)
camera strap

33. Photoshop Plugins
Photoshop and Lightroom Plugins. (link)

34. GoPro Here4
Who doesn’t want on of these? (link) GoPro Hero4

35. Photo Project Ideas
This book is full of great ideas that can help you display your photos around the house, take more interesting photos, and in general, have more fun with them. (link)


36. Wireless Shutter Release
This is always a handy gadget to have around. (link)
wireless shutter release

37. Lens Cleaning Kit
Because using your shirt to clean a lens is not good! (link)
lens cleaning kit

38. Protective Case for Filters
Inexpensive and worth every cent! (link)
lens filter

39. Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
For those who don’t need the kit, but still need a cloth that won’t leave scratches. (link)

40. Camera Earrings
Looking good never was easy. These should do the trick. (link)

41. Parking Sign
Just in case they need one. (link)
parking sign photographer

42. License Plate Frame
Probably nothing cooler, right? (link)
license plate frame

43. Film Canister Toilet Paper Dispenser
Might be the most useful photography themed item around the house. (link)
film canister

44. Waterproof Camera
If someone has dropped their camera in the water on multiple occasions, this is probably for them. (link)
waterproof camera

45. Photo Editing for Mac
Macphun makes some of the best, and most affordable, photo editing apps for photographers. (link)


46. Custom Prints
Personalize your image into custom canvas prints, mugs and more. (link)

custom-prints47. Gift Card
Who doesn’t like spending money! (link)

48. Novelty Photography Mug
Reminding yourself every morning that you’re an awesome photographer. (link)
photography mug

49. Photography Magazine Subscription
Good reading material that comes in the mail, and isn’t spam! (link)

50. Mousepad
Sometimes you’re just desperate to find something original because they have it all. (link)

51. Pen Holder
Being organized is important. (link)

52. DVD
Sit back with your popcorn and learn about how to take better photos. (link)
photography dvd

53. Ultimate DSLR Protective Case
For those who really care about their gear and travel a lot. (link)
photography case

54. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6
Probably the best photo editing software out there. (link)

Adobe Loghtroom 6

55. Reflectors
Perfect for portrait shoots. (link)

56. Business Card Holder
If they run their own business and have their own cards (maybe another idea), this might be perfect. (link)
business card holder

57. Quadcopter for GoPro
Feel free to send me this for Christmas. (link)

58. Lens Wrap
Treat your precious lenses like babies and they’ll last a lifetime. (link)
lens wrap

59. Photography Stickers
For your car, computer, phone, wall, gear… (link)
stickers60. Photography Studio Strobe Lighting Kit
You’ll be loved forever if you get an aspiring portrait photographer this. (link)
studio kit

61. Memory Card Wallet
An inexpensive and useful gift to keep track of memory cards. (link)
memory card wallet

62. SpiderLight Holster
The SpiderLight Holster is the perfect companion for anyone that wants an easy draw-from-the-hip, no strap solution to take their camera anywhere. (link)
51a2fffae87859e293ba70a40799c7f0_original63. Camera Connection Kit for Apple iPad
5 in 1: USB 2.0, SD Card Slot, Micro SD card Slot, Sync data & charge, AV output. (link)
camera-connection-kit64. Thule cellphone and Laptop Cases
Bar none, the best product on the market to protect your products. (link)

For best results, share with your friends and family. Need more photography gift ideas, be sure to check out Photography Blogger’s updated Gift Guide.

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Lisa Franke

Awesome items!


Thanks Nate, great ideas here! Just what I was looking for 😉

N Gomez

Great Ideas ! Just what I needed for my sister ! (:

Michele Orrson

Exactly what I needed to do some Christmas shopping for my husband!

John Anderson

These are great ideas. I recently purchased from ebay the Litepad Loop Professional Kit for my wife who is a novice photographer. It was a little expensive, but well worth it. I would recommend the Litepad Loop Pro Kit as a great holiday gift idea for everyone who has a passion for photography.

Abby Happy



It is a great list! I am having a hard time for choosing a gift for my husband. Probably, I go with a Black Rapid or Redier camera strap.


Amazing ideas shared about Gifts. I really appreciate it. Well done.


Wow! excellent they are. Huge helps there in this post. I need some of them. Oh! they are not only for the gift. They are needed. One thing that Digital Photo Frame is currently unavailable.


Great Stuff! Some of this would be a perfect gift for a friend of mine.
Thank you! (:


These are awesome thoughts. I truly value it. Well done.

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