A Beautiful Video of Paris – In Love In Paris

We want to share a guest post by AmnesiArt, of beautiful time lapse video of Paris (Video at the end of this article).

AmnesiArt is a film and Fine Art photography production composed by Ryan Earl and Nick Arcivos. After creating our last production on Japan, which has been a tremendous experience having reached more than 300,000 views, we wanted to pay homage to Paris.
For this production, we spent 3 weeks shooting and 6 weeks in the editing room. The idea behind it was to show the city of lights and love throughout the day (and night) with all the difference of atmospheres and lights you can have in a day.
We wanted to have the most pleasing images so we sometimes had to wait a long time to get the right light we were looking for. The quality of images is not a coincidence, we had to work long hours per day, sometimes 12 to 14 hours.
The shooting took place in the summer time so in order to get the morning golden hours, we had to wake up very early (5.30 am). The thing we had to deal with regarding the night shooting was that all the monuments’ lights went off at 1.00 am. It doesn’t leave much time, only 2 hours, to shoot so it forced us to be very efficient in our pre-production.
To achieve what we had in mind, we needed to be flexible so, on a cloudy day with uninteresting light, we used the time-lapse technique to accentuate the movement of the clouds and the change of lights and shadows to create an eye pleasing shot. It brought more strength to the shot compare to a single photograph or video clip. If the clouds were moving fast, we set the intervallometer to take a photo every 3 seconds, if not 5 or 10 seconds.  We also use this technique to emphasize the beauty of the Parisians sunsets. We had to use 1.8 ND filter in order to cut the amount of light entering the lens and play with the shutter speed to get the perfect shape for the sun.
Regarding the sunrise and sunset, we chased the best spot possible for our work with the help of the photographer ephemeris (iphone app) which indicated throughout the day where the sun is going to be and the direction of the sun rays. It was a valuable tool to determine our shooting schedule.
The subject of love naturally came to us when we noticed all the romantic spots Paris has to offer and the happiness of all the couples. Paris is definitely a magical city!

We were thrilled to shoot such an amazing city and we hope you will enjoy our work.

Beautiful Video of Paris – In Love In Paris by AmnesiArt

A Fine Art photography gallery is available for this project here.
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Jay Long

Awesome! Beautiful images.


Nice photography like naturally

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