A Cat as Model & Muse – Photography by Joann Biondi

For 20 years, Joann Biondi worked as a freelance writer. Then one day she adopted a kitten that had been tossed in a garbage can and left for dead. That kitten had an unusual quirk; he liked to wear clothes and pose for the camera. So Joann started shooting, and then she got serious about photography. Fast forward four years and that kitten is now Lorenzo the Cat, a feline art photography project that has gotten both the cat and the photographer a lot of attention; gallery shows, museum exhibits, and stories in major media outlets throughout the world. Amid it all Lorenzo has remained a mellow dude who still likes to roll around in the dirt, chase lizards, and knock things off the kitchen counter when his food bowl is empty.

See more of Joann’s work on her website and Facebook.

Beach Bum Chic

Gatto Guevara



On the Fence




The Hunter

The Reader

Up a Tree

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  1. Syed Najmul Hussain

    Amazing photography indeed.

  2. rahmat ali sikder

    beautiful nice picture.

  3. Lois Garcia

    When my sister and I were growing up we had a cat named Baby. Baby loved to be dressed in our dolls clothes and pushed while in a baby buggy. My mom would make special baby clothes for him and we would dress him up and play with him for hours. After Baby passed away we tried to dress up other cats, but it was never the same. I have found memories of Baby playing with me when I was a child. Take care Lorenzo and enjoy dressing up with your Mom. :o}

  4. Kimberly Brands

    I love these pictures. He sure does seem to enjoy posing and modeling. Lorenzo is an amazing kitty. I didn’t know he has such a terrible start to life. So glad you saved him. Love Love Love Lorenzo! <3

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