A Great DSLR Camera Bag – The Streetwalker HardDrive Backpack

A few months ago I purchased a Think Tank Photo Streetwalker HardDrive Backpack to carry my Nikon D700 and array of lenses around in. One of the biggest reasons I got it was because I’d be able to slide my MacBook into a space behind the camera equipment making it very convenient when traveling. The durability and quality of the Streetwalker is excellent as well, which is also important to me as I do a fair amount of hiking to photography locations and I needed a backpack that could withstand some abuse while protecting my equipment.

Designed for use in urban and crowded environments, this slim, lightweight backpack also holds a 15” laptop, as well as a Pro-size DSLR and a 70-200 2.8 with hood attached.

Top Features:

  • Carry monopods and tripods in the bottom front pocket.
  • Additional tripod cup for larger tripods.
  • Pro Speed Belt (sold separately) can be attached.
  • Contoured harness for men and women with air channel.


Gear Profile:

  • Holds Pro Size DSLR with 70-200 2.8 attached and hood in position ready to shoot.
  • Two side pockets and two stretch pockets.


Overall I highly recommend this backpack. The only reason I wouldn’t buy it would be if I’m looking for a smaller bag to carry my equipment in or I didn’t need the computer space. Think Tank Photo has plenty of other options though to help you find the perfect bag to protect and carry your equipment in.

See more about this great camera backpack on Think Tank Photo’s website.

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Denis Rasulev

I own this bag and it holds my 17″ MacBook Pro!! This was primary reason, why I bought it, adding all the others, i.e. convenient, reliable, holds lots of equipment.

Dee Bufkin

Just similar to SLR-style cameras, they will use a great EVF, since these people lack type A mirror to have an optical through-the-lens look at.

Julia Stamey

This bag is freaking SWEET!. I wanna play. ha-ha

Hamish Carpenter

I bought this bag about a year and a half ago. It is a true workhorse – I love it.

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