A Simple Shoulder Bag for my Nikon D40

Up until this point, I’ve owned a Think Tank Photo backpack for carrying around my Nikon D700 and all the gear that accompanies it. The only problem was that I didn’t have something simple to carry around my smaller DSLR (Nikon D40), in case I didn’t need all of the accessories and tripod; a bag that would be easy to throw over my shoulder for a quick trip to the park with friends or downtown for a photowalk.

That’s when I decided that the Think Tank Photo Retrospective 5 was a perfect fit. It’s not a bag that will hold a ton of gear, but it’s exactly what I need; a simple shoulder bag that doesn’t need to hold every little piece of equipment I own. It allows me to take my D40 around in something comfortable and stylish.

Retrospective 5

Retrospective 5 Features:

– Perfect size for DSLR, Micro Four Thirds, rangefinder camera systems
– Minimalist outer appearance conceals expensive photo equipment
– Hook-and-loop “Sound Silencers” on front flap eliminate noise while opening the bag
– Two colors; Pinestone and Black

Think Tank Photo doesn’t sacrifice quality either just because it’s a smaller bag. This thing is rock solid and I have no doubts it’ll keep my camera protected while lasting a long time.

Retrospective 5

If the Retrospective 5 is too small for your needs, the shoulder bag also comes in similar styles of the Retrospective 10, 20, and 30, with each size up being able to carry a bit more equipment.

Retrospective 5

I would recommend Think Tank Photo’s bags to anyone. In my opinion, if you’re going to spend good money on a camera, then buying a quality camera bag to protect and carry around that investment is a must.

Any other Think Tank Photo users out there? Tell us about your favorite bag in the comments below.

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Looks great !!!!

I have bought many bags over the last few years trying to find the greatest and sturdiest around. What i would like to see is this type of bag but with the flap being attached firmly to avoid any theft. How does the flap stay locked to the bag? is it only a magnet ?


How much room is in there? Looks like the camera with a lens, and maybe an extra lens? Which lenses are those? How big are they?

The Soul Explorer

I like your bag!

Ingrid Abraham

Thank you for this review. I’ve been looking for a smaller bag to use when shooting weddings, and I think this could be the one!

I particularly like the idea of the ‘sound silencers’. That’s a major bonus for formal ceremonies.


I like the retrospective bag for my SLR & of course the streetwalker series for my D700 and 24-70mm and other gear

I, too, have long been looking for something not big and bulky so when I go out just to the store, or maybe on a walking the park. Something that I will give a place to protect my camera without feeling bogged down or having to stop, take off the back pack dig around and miss a shot. Or something so that when I am on a photo shoot but want quick access to my camera, or the extra lens I do not have to fiddle with a large bag, or flip open a big flap mid shoot. I found… Read more »

As addend to my previous post, to explain what I mean by “Nice looking” bag if I had a bigger buget to work within, this would be the one I would really want to try – ( http://kellymoorebag.com/full/kelly-moore-b-hobo-bag-6.html ) 🙂

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