A Story Behind Every Pair – 17 Pictures of Shoes

I’ve got a pair of old tennis shoes in my closet that I’ve had forever. Despite their lacking appearance and not lacking smell, I continue to wear them. They still do their job as they are somewhat holding together and providing the needed comfort and protection that the shoes are made for. I mainly use them for working in the yard and running errands to the hardware store on the weekends, so to other people it looks like I’m actually using them for that reason. But the real reason is that deep down they probably mean something to me. They used to be the only pair of shoes I would wear. They have a story.

Here are 17 pictures of shoes that I’m sure also have a story.


MaryJane by luchilu

Freestyle Converse

Freestyle Converse by ul_marga


Papion by hamed

she wasn't kidding when she said she had nothing to wear

she wasn't kidding when she said she had nothing to wear by jamelah

walk a mile in my shoes

walk a mile in my shoes by seite

There is a story...

There is a story... by geekgirly

Blue power!

Blue power! by eole


shoe gazing by josefstuefer


Vans by ndm007


Stomp by aussiegall

Lucy's shoes again

Lucy's shoes again by doug88888

Looking for a new pair of adidas

Looking for a new pair of adidas by grrrl

Dancing Shoes

Dancing Shoes by Sandy Powers

Clumsy Misfortune's

Clumsy Misfortune's by Tracy Wallace


Summertime by Jody Neville

Dancing Shoes

Oh, those dancing shoes by Cristina Grosan


dad by Oliwia Drozd

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