A Tribute To Shaun Lunt – Pilot and Photographer

I know a few people who lost a good friend of theirs just over a year ago. On June 6th, 2008, Shaun Lunt was tragically killed while flying his Piper Super Cub in Alaska. An avid pilot and photographer, he was spending another summer up there documenting his bush flying and the beautiful scenery that Alaska has to offer through his camera. I heard about his story right after he died and as a pilot myself, I was immediately touched by his photo documentary of flying in Alaska during the summer of 2007. I felt it was only appropriate to start Photography Blogger’s Featured Photographer category with a tribute to Shaun. I wish I had the chance to have met and flown with him. He’s an inspiration to go to Alaska and experience for yourself the true beauty of the back country.

Here are a few of his photographs. I’ve included a link to his site at the end of this post.

Alaska Mountains
Beach Runway
Alaska Sunset
Flying in Alaska
Piper Cup Flyover
Airplane and Mountains
Bear Footprint
Mountain Reflection
Flying over the mountains
Beautiful Lake
Mountain Range
Piper Cub Flying
Alaskan Village
Alaska Landscape
Piper Super Cup
Shaun Lunt

Shaun was a true life adventurer who lived life to the fullest. You’ll see it for yourself in the two links I’ve provided. The first one was his blog that documented his flying in Alaska and the second link is a video tribute.

Shaun’s Blog

Tribute Video

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