Abandoned Beauty – Urban Decay Photography by Irina Souiki

Peeling paint, crumpled wallpaper and empty chairs are a few of the unexpected beauties that Irina Souiki has found while photographing abandoned buildings. Her work highlights the small details of degeneration as well as its overall effect on a room’s atmosphere. Both perspectives inspire the imagination to wonder about the past lives of each place and object.

To see more of Irina’s photography, visit her Etsy shop, Still Memory Photography.

Ribcage abadoned church


Mayhem abandoned house


Abstract Peel blue paint

Abstract Peel

Unplugged rusty wall


The session is over abadoned house

The session is over

Elegance abadoned building


Demi-Plies broken hangers


Contemplating freedom abandoned building

Contemplating freedom

Spill abadoned building


Underskin peeling white paint


Out of Service

Out of Service

Turquoise abadoned building


Slither abandoned building


Peeling Apart abadoned building

Peeling Apart

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  1. Irina

    Oh wow, you picked all my favorites!! Thank you so much for featuring those images on your website, I am deeply honored! A friend of mine, Katya Horner, brought this to my attention, I will make sure to bookmark your site, it’s full of awesomeness :-)

  2. Joe De Maio

    I like the images very much – powerful composition making very good use of the available light – but i would reframe from the hooky titles – they distract from the sophistication and elegance of the images – thye don’t need any help

  3. Robyn Graham

    Fabulous captures!

  4. devender singh

    i have always wonder how to click a degraded bodies. you gave me a direction.

    thanks a lot

  5. stephen pattison

    nice shots that would benefit greatly if they were shot in HDR, try it out .

  6. David BISE

    I like this abandoned place.
    You can see mine on my web site.

  7. parvane

    the subject is very special, good job. but i don’t like such circumstances…

  8. Debbie

    These are beautiful it makes my heart hurt!

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