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For industrial UAV operators one of the greatest challenges is flying close enough for a thorough inspection while still maintaining a safe distance from their subject. The Zenmuse Z30 is DJI’s most powerful long-range aerial zoom lens engineered for industrial applications. The camera platform offers up to 30x optical and 6x digital zoom. Due to the powerful long-range aerial capabilities and HD 1080p photo and video potential this equipment has to offer. This allows our operators to quickly father the information that we need and with the new Zenmuse Z30 we have access to a fast flexible tool that can capture the smallest details of the assets we are inspecting whilst maintaining a safe distance between the drones and the structures. This reduces operational risks by keeping all personal safely on the ground. Industrial UAV Inspections.

Main Features
The DJI’s newest zoom lens Zenmuse Z30 is fitted with a lightweight photo-lens that offers 30x optical zoom with an additional 6x digital zoom. The camera sensor captures photos and video at full HD 1080p resolution at up to 30 frames per second. Whether you are inspecting power lines, cell towers or wind turbines, it enables you to get a detailed look at structures, wires, modules, and components to detect damage. With the Z30’s incredible zoom capabilities you can avoid any electro-magnetic or RF interference associated with utilities and communications infrastructure.

A high-powered zoom means that any movement in the system is magnified, so stability is of utmost importance. The Zenmuse Z30 incorporates DJI’s leading gimbal technology for stabilization within 0.01°, and the same precision for controls. This enables long-range inspection with high reliability.

With TapZoom, precise collection of visual data is as easy as tapping your finger to point the camera at the subject of your inspection. The Zenmuse Z30 automatically adjusts its focal length to give you an enlarged view, making the most miniscule of details visible in just seconds.

Mobile Tower Inspection
As an on-site pilot flies the Zenmuse Z30 equipped airframe they are able to livestream their findings to engineers located anywhere in the world. With live communication, both engineers and pilots can work towards identifying any concerns for the fastest possible inspection.

By: Tony Cook at Droneworxs Aerial Photography

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bullet force

Sure, a high-powered zoom means that any movement in the system is magnified, so stability is of utmost importance!

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I like that you said that it’s important to plan ahead. All aerial film groups should try to follow all the laws and be conscientious of the people around them, in my opinion. I also think that it is smart to look at other groups’ work.

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