Amazing Photo of Lightning Striking Mt. Rainier by James Clark

lighting striking mt. rainier

On July 8, 2012, James Clark, who works for Whittaker Mountaineering, was on a trip out by Mt. Rainier when a thunderstorm started gathering in the distance. He quickly grabbed his camera from his truck and began shooting the lightning that began getting more intense. As the storm approached and settled over the mountain, James thought it’d be cool if he was able to get a good lightning strike photo near Mt. Rainier.

“There had been little streaks around the mountain but nothing too spectacular,” Clark said. “Just as we were getting ready to go as we thought the storm was dying, the incredible strike that I had hoped for happened and I was fortunate enough to have pressed the shutter when I had.”

Find this amazing photo and more of James Clark’s photography on his website.

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