Art in Nature by Floris van Breugel

“…I cannot imagine a more fulfilling experience than standing atop a wilderness mountain peak at the break of dawn…I find unparalleled exhilaration and inspiration, a sense of awe and discovery, and a healing calmness in the outdoors, and I hope my images allow you to feel the same…Nature is good for the soul…” said Floris van Breugel.

If you would like to see more of his photography, check out his website and Flickr Photostream.

Art in Nature

Jurassic Light

Art in Nature

A Night in Paradise

Art in Nature

Poseidon’s Wrath

Art in Nature


Art in Nature

Tidal Secrets

Art in Nature

Salty Watercolors

Art in Nature

Spring Fever

Art in Nature

Around the Corner from Paradise

Art in Nature

Don’t Stare at the Sun

Art in Nature

Flat no More

Art in Nature

Life Among Giants

Art in Nature


Art in Nature

Painting the Mountains Mystery

Art in Nature

Peace in Rawah

Art in Nature


Art in Nature

Nature’s Mirror

Art in Nature

Tropical Coral Reef

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  1. susan blick

    awesome, i love the richness of the colors

  2. Nancy A Wall

    Anytime you want a partner for doing the morning walkies, let me know!!!!
    Lovely photos!

  3. Basith Cader

    All pictures a very beautiful and color full.!!!!!

  4. رمضان کرمی[Ramazan Karami]

    عکس ها خیلی قشنگ هستن
    Photos are very beautiful

  5. Kerly

    Nature’s mirror is the best, but all is very enjoyable. Thank you.

  6. Muh Arfan

    beautiful picture..
    I like it

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