Beautiful Black & White Portraits by Bruno Maric

Bruno Maric is a portrait and fashion photographer from Chicago.

“I don’t like when pretty girls wear makeup.”

Here is a selection of some of his beautiful black and white portraits. See more of Bruno’s work on his website and blog.

Bruon M

Bruno M

Buron M

Buron M

Bruno M

Bruno M

Bruno M

Bruno M

Bruno M

Bruno M

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  1. Katy Espiritu

    Nice photography…good luck! Sure to follow your tweets…

  2. The Soul Explorer

    Love black and white!

  3. Hygor Lennon

    Fotografias muito lindas!

  4. B

    Thanks again for the feature guys and I appreciate your readers’ nice comments!

  5. Terry Burgart

    Wow, gorgeous! Bruno Maric is one to look out for!

  6. yes

    beaaauuutiful photography by Bruno Maric here.

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