Beautiful Fireworks Photos and Time Lapse Video

In celebration of Canada Day and 4th of July this year, we are sharing beautiful, breathtaking photos and a time lapse video from around the world.

Fireworks over Vancouver’s English Bay  @BrendanHunter

Fireworks in St Petersburgh.  @MoreISO

Fireworks over Tokyo, Japan. @Maxiphoto

Boston night skyline with fireworks for the 2017  @franckreporter

Fireworks over Seoul, South Korea  @painter72

Fireworks above the Sydney Harbour Bridge  @JamersonG

New Year’s Eve Firework from Yerba Buena Island. @Spondylolithesis

Fireworks over Doha skyline   @franckreporter

The Space Needle, Seattle, USA.  @400tmax

Fireworks over New York City  @franckreporter

“A dramatic firework display shoots out from Big Ben, London, UK  @oversnap

Fireworks behind the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  @NeonJellyfish

Canada Day Afterglow from Mick Harper on Vimeo.

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