Beautiful Views from New York City by Scott Matthews

In his ‘Views from NYC‘, Scott Matthews documents the many unique scenes you can find in New York City. Both the city’s denizens and urban landscapes play a prominent role in his photography and both subjects he photographs skillfully. By taking pictures at different times of the day and throughout the seasons, Scott really has captured the many faces of the city.

To see more of Scott’s photography, visit his website turnstyle.

Smokestack Sunrise

Coney Island Mermaid Parade

Rooftop Embrace

Epic Space War Over Morningside

Train Elevated

Physics Windows

Central Park Strongman

Gotham Night

Crossing After Snow

Snow White Tree

Stormy Night

Bad Elmo

Times Square After Fireworks

Under Riverside

Windswept Snow Sunrise

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Iona Lutey

Beautiful photographs! Technically and artistically superb!

Jay Long

Great stuff! New York City is one of the most amazing places on Earth for a variety of reasons, and Scott captures many of its great qualities.

marcell grozavesti

simply New York City

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