Beautifully Black and White – Animal Photography by Stephanie McDowell

Stephanie McDowell lives in Connecticut and loves photographing New England’s wilderness and wildlife. But, she also finds inspiration and photography subjects from visiting the Connecticut Audubon Society, where she’s able to get incredible portraits of wild birds that have been injured. Using black and/or white backgrounds, she does a great job of bringing out the beauty and personality of each bird and animal she photographs.

To see more of Stephanie’s photography, visit her Facebook page, Etsy shop, or Flickr photostream.

Barn Owl Photo Portrait - Hoo Are You

Hoo Are You

Gray Wolf Stare Photo - I've Got My Eye on You

I’ve Got My Eye on You

Ferret Portrait - Curiosity


Tiger Love Photo

Tiger Love

Grey Wolf Laying on Back

Grey Wolf Laying on Back

Intense Gray Wolf Portrait

Intense Gray Wolf

Hairy Cow Photo - Scottish Highland Cattle

Hairy Cow

Baby Hairy Cow - Scottish Highland Cattle

Baby Hairy Cow

Monkey Profile Photo

Monkey Profile

Bald Eagle Portrait Photo - Cerena




Peregrine Falcon Portrait - Princess


Great Horned Owl Photo - Ladybird


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  1. Kurt W

    Great collection of captures! Very unique in your approach.

  2. Stephanie McDowell

    Thank you kindly for this feature, it’s such an honor!

  3. Tahseen

    Nice Collection !

  4. Matt Brading

    Great set of photos. the use of BW is very refreshing in a field that’s so often over-the-top colour. Really slows you down and makes you take in the detail. Well done.

  5. frizztext

    I like the gray wolf stare photo titled “I’ve Got My Eye on You!”

  6. Anonymous

    please put more photo of horses and tigers.they are so lovely

  7. Judith B. Foster

    I bought your owl print LadyBird and I love it!

    I’m interested in your eagle and your other owl (hoo) prints.
    How do I go about purchasing one of each? Are they on Esty
    as well? If so, let me know and I’ll go there!!!

    Thanks so much

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