Bold & Dramatic Landscape Photography by Marc Adamus

Marc Adamus is a landscape photographer who has had a life-long passion for the wilderness. He is based out of Corvallis, Oregon and spends most of his time traveling out in the field. His style is bold yet elegant, with dramatic imagery that reflects his love for unusual weather and landscapes. He enjoys sharing with people his experiences in nature, as well as showing them the special connection photography can have with the world around us.

If you would like to see more of Marc’s photography, check out his website, 1x Profile, and Flickr Photostream.

Marc Adamus

Spirit Garden

Marc Adamus

Sunset Symphony

Marc Adamus

Around the Night

Marc Adamus

Big Splash

Marc Adamus

Catching Pool

Marc Adamus

The Beginning

Marc Adamus


Marc Adamus

Light From Within

Marc Adamus

Forever Dreaming

Marc Adamus

Under the Lights

Marc Adamus

Going to the Sun

Marc Adamus

The Last Moment

Marc Adamus

Rain of Light

Marc Adamus

Rainbow Hills

Marc Adamus

Beach Garden

Marc Adamus

Twelve Years

Marc Adamus

Red Canyon

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  1. Barbara Eads

    Always love Marc’s work.

  2. Stephane Bon

    Marc Adamus is one of my favorites photographers. His landscapes pictures are beautiful.

  3. Mike Hopkins

    All are stunning.


  4. The Soul Explorer

    what a beautiful work from Marc. Good job!

  5. Paul Bright

    A great set of photographs from Marc with an almost surreal quality.

  6. Christopher O'Donnell

    Marc is a true landscape master, he’s been a great inspiration to me.

  7. Carlos Hugo Nesci Digón

    Wonderwork …that seem to come from previous or futures lives!

  8. Bernie Zajac

    Marc has been a long-time inspiration for my own photography! Not only are his images fantastic, but it’s also the extent to which he goes to capture them. Thanks for sharing them and reminding me to start planning my next photo trip ;)

    Great blog too by the way, digging the design! Time to trawl through all the other posts and see what other gems I can find :)

  9. Ian Hargraves

    Amazing set of photographs in every way. Thank you!

  10. Unni Menon

    Mesmerizing photographs!

  11. Evelyn Quinones

    WOW! awesome photos!

    • Koula Petridou

      Λατρεύω τη Φύση και οι φωτογραφίες σου με σαγηνεύουν Υπέροχη δουλειά.

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