Bright and Colorful: Flower Photography by Karin A.

Karin A. lives in Göteborg, the second largest city in Sweden. Despite her urban life, her photography tends to be peaceful and focused on natural objects and landscapes. Her pictures are soft, bright and colorful, giving you a feeling of tranquility and energy at once.

To see more of Karin’s photography, visit her website, Flickr photostream, or Etsy shop.

tenderness flowers


Lenten rose

Lenten rose

Spring in mint flowers

Spring in mint

Spring dream flower

Spring dream

Menuett rose


White beauty magnolia

White beauty

Spring is in the air cherry blossoms

Spring is in the air

Magnolia sky flowers

Magnolia sky

Pink flower on table

Pink flower on table

When I dream about spring magnolia

When I dream about spring

Sakura cherry blossom tree


Cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms II

Ranunculus in a vase

Ranunculus in a vase

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  1. David Stembridge

    Greetings, these are really very nice, do you style these mainly in post?

  2. Lance Sawa

    I love them. I could learn a great deal from how she takes photos. Her style is just like mine.

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