Chess Portraits by Francesco Ridolfi

Francesco Ridolfi is a portrait photographer who normally shoots for advertising and editorial clients like Rolling Stonge, Auchan, and Louis Vuitton. Born and raised in Bologna, Italy, he now splits his time between Brussels, Milan and Bologna working on a variety of projects. One of his latest has been a realistic chess portrait series. Using the same model for one chess piece, Francesco dresses them up both as the black and white character for the session. Queen, King, Bishop, Knight, Rook and Pawn were all included and the results turned out quite well.

You can view the full set of portraits on and find more of Francesco’s work on his main website. See a behind the scenes video of this shoot on Vimeo.

Chess Portraits - Queen Black

Chess Portraits - Queen White

Chess Portraits - King Black

Chess Portraits - King White

Chess Portraits - Bishop Black

Chess Portraits - Bishop White

Chess Portraits - Rook Black

Chess Portraits - Rook White

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Michael John Burgess

I think this is a wonderful idea and bring the non-life to life bravo

Micheline Beaudoin

I am in a state of admiration for this elegant and stunning before these works of art.

Momok Tomok

You guys should look all of the pictures. It is kinda nude for the rest of it.

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