Classic Black and White Photography by Valentina Krochik

Although Valentina Krochik lives in New York City, her photography is full of natural subjects and scenery: flowers, insects, trees and landscapes. Some of her finest photos are in black and white, with emphasis on either the ‘black’ or ‘white’ space. Her style captures the classic beauty of her subjects, bringing out the elegance of roses, for instance, or the splendor of spider webs covered with dew.

To see more of Valentina’s photography, visit her etsy shop or portfolio on

spider web dew

Collector of Tears

black and white spider web dew

Collector of Tears 2

black and white photography forest Diffusion


Snow Solo black and white photography

Snow Solo

Moon Dragon black and white photography

Moon Dragon

dragonfly black and white

Her Lightness

Calligraphy black and white photography flower


Eternal Path black and white photography

Eternal Path by

black and white snow branch


Cat Spirit black and white photography

Cat Spirit

Land of Mist and Mystery black and white photography

Land of Mist and Mystery

fall leaves black and white photography


water lily black and white photography

Water Lily

Rose black and white photography


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Shutter Scene

I’ve always loved black and white photos and how they bring out the textures in a photo.


Beautiful. Each image has wonderful contrast, perfect balance. Very nice. Blessings, Robyn


I’ve never done b/w photography before, but you seem to have it down pretty well. My favorites are the water lily because of the composition with the reflection. Excellent work there! The other I noticed was haystack rock? Is that Cannon Beach?! That place is really amazing. Great work!

lee Harth

Awesome B& W pics! I need to get into this area!

Lensart Advertising Photography

These black and white shots are absolutely brilliant. I applaud your ability to capture such wonderful beauty in monochrome. True gift I say 😉

Aashika Kansara

hey… great clicks… All the best!!!!


I like the last picture. it is interesting.

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