Cloud Formations That Make Pictures Great – 29 Gorgeous Examples

Clouds can be one of the most important features when taking pictures. They add so much to a photograph, especially when they are formed just right. Take a wonderful cloud formation and add a beautiful sunset, expansive landscape, or a stunning cityscape, and you’ve turned a good photo into a great one. Granted, there are a lot of other factors that go into taking a great picture with clouds in it but next time you go outside and see some amazing clouds, grab your camera because you may miss out on a great photo.

One of the best ways to learn how to photograph pictures with great cloud formations is to see how others do it. So here are 29 gorgeous examples that show how cloud formations really bring out the beauty in a photo.

cape byron

cape byron by paul bica

Cumulo Artistus (An Artist's Clouds)

Cumulo Artistus (An Artist's Clouds) by mendhak

end of the day

end of the day by paul bica

Point of Rocks

Point of Rocks by Marty Desilets

Lock & Dam

Lock & Dam by Pete Zarria

Sky Art

Sky Art by Steve Lacy

Sunset from Cremorne Point

Sunset from Cremorne Point by Steve Arnold

For Sale

For Sale by Jan Paul Yap

the drive

the drive by Faramarz Hashemi

*Interlude* Strange cloud formation

*Interlude* Strange cloud formation by Michel Filion

Sweet Home Under White Clouds

Sweet Home Under White Clouds by Jose Roberto V Moraes

Surfer feelin' good

Surfer feelin' good by Garry

The Sky above us

The Sky above us by Werner Kunz

All good things...

All good things... by Evan Leeson


Amalfi by MorBCN


Striations by Nicholas

Tso Moriri Lake

Tso Moriri Lake by Prabhu B Doss

A Queen Anne kind of sky

A Queen Anne kind of sky by James Jordan

Dream,magie landaise

Dream,magie landaise by Hakahonu


Avalanche by Garry

Reflections at the Lagoon

Reflections at the Lagoon by Luis Argerich

Clouds fly across the sky

Clouds fly across the sky by Garry

Blue Sky on Rails

Blue Sky on Rails by Evan Leeson


Cadaqués by MorBCN

Pigeon Point / Sky Whale...

Pigeon Point / Sky Whale... by Dave

Burning sky

Burning sky by MorBCN

Fire, Air, Earth and Water

Fire, Air, Earth and Water by Giovanni Orlando

Empty spaces

Empty spaces by Giovanni Orlando

Seen Scene

Seen Scene by Stuart Williams

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Yoshua Wuyts

Pretty inspiring photographs


I just love the clouds. Really I do. They are so awesome!


This reminds me of the many times i missed out on a good opportunity for a great photo. Great reminder to carry my camera with me at all times!!! Awesome photos of clouds.


Image #9 on this page has long been one of my favorite cloud formation images


so beautiful…. i like it…


that’s amazing!!!


it’s so colourfull sky…


I had taken shots that I thought were great…. but there nothing compared to what is shown here…..


God is a great artist!!

Frank King

Wow, that’s a whole lot of very obvious HDR pictures. 🙁

Deborah Greene

I love pictures of clouds, it’s like watching God’s handiwork displayed in the sky. How awesome!


beautifull pictures that takes your breath away.wish i could post the pictures of my cloud angels but i don’t know how to post them.

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