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Developing a purpose for your photography is a major step to developing a great portfolio. Whether you like to shoot weddings, landscapes, portraits, or other types of subjects, the purpose you strive for tends to be your best photography.

Colin Shafer

Colin Shafer has a purpose. He has a photography project based around the youth in the Philippines with the purpose to inspire, and promote a deeper thinking through the pictures he takes. Colin’s work has been featured on the cover of Asian Photography Magazine and you can follow his Facebook Group, Colonizing Photography, to keep up with his latest work.

Photography Magazine

“Impoverished Filipino people want to get out of their county and too often being a nanny, construction worker, or prostitute is what they have to do. The Philippines is being engulfed with fast food and big corporations, while the people are left to fend for themselves. As a seasoned traveler I have never been to a country so full of smiles and kindness, especially from the youth. I have also never been to a country so full of disparity between the rich and the poor: Starving babies sleep outside of McDonalds, families living in tarps outside of seven-eleven. Poverty exists in the rural areas, but it is the city (Manila) where people are starving. This series was completed the day before Hurricane Ketsana hit the Philippines and other parts of Southeast Asia leaving more than 300 people dead. I want to see the children in my photographs reach their full potential, and be given the same opportunities as those who run the big corporations that have taken over the Philippines.”

Images by Colin Shafer

Filipino Youth
Filipino Youth
Filipino Youth
Filipino Youth
Filipino Youth

Visit Colin Shafer’s portfolio for more amazing pictures and subjects.

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  1. Doran

    Colin. Haven’t talked to you in so long, but your photography inspires me every day. Thank you for you mission. I will follow you as long as you are around!!

    Love ya!


  2. wenvir

    Can you suggest somebody interested in “Nature Photography.” Because currently I am having my independent research entitled ” Anthology of Philippine Lichens.” And this endeavor demands attractive photos.

    I’ll be so thankful for your response.



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