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5 Pieces Gallery is an online gallery with a significant international presence based in Switzerland. This online art platform is focused on making contemporary art and photography more approachable to a wider public and which seeks to engage emerging and established artists, collectors and art enthusiasts into an active, creative and highly intellectual dialogue. Driven by an imperative, human-oriented interest and a genuine art enthusiasm 5 Pieces Gallery is focused on sharing ideas regarding the role of the artist in the contemporary society and the importance of art in people’s lives today. In short, it acts like a modern agent of the social welfare for the contemporary cultural field.


Exhibition Opening: Udo Hohenberger – Figural-Speed-Drawing, 5 Pieces Gallery

The gallery is committed to promote unique and innovative artworks and ideas. For that reason, is employing collaborations exclusively with well-educated artists and photographers from all over the world. More specifically it addresses to those artists who have graduated from the best art schools and who have exhibited at exceptional and distinguishable art institutions and organizations worldwide. It consists of a team of important curators and initiates collaborations and projects with well- established partners, achieving that way to keep its very high standards.

5 Pieces Gallery has a curated art collection which consists of more than 300 signed photographs which also exist in limited editions. Meeting ten of the most distinguishable photographers who belong to the gallery’s network should be the most accurate and proven evidence of the value in buying art, and more particularly photography, online.

Kate Garner
Having worked with a large number of musicians and celebrities such as Kate Moss and PJ Harvey, British photographer and singer Kate Garner develops a rather characteristic photographic style. Garner was born in England while currently she lives and works between London and the US. She studied at the art school of Blackpool, at the northern part of England and then she moved to London to work as a photographer and model for upcoming magazines such as i-D. After a period characterized by purely music activity, Garner got back to her artistic interest and started developing her successful photographic career. Her photography has been published to a variety of significant British and American magazines and has been exhibited in many important art institutions all over the world, including the V&A Museum in London.

Kate Garner - Just Because (Kate Moss)

Kate Garner – Just Because (Kate Moss),

Kate Garner - Kate Moss

Kate Garner – Kate Moss,

Kate Garner - Kate Moss III

Kate Garner – Kate Moss,

Kate Garner - Kate Moss IV

Kate Garner – Kate Moss,

Kate Garner - Kate Moss IV

Kate Garner – Kate Moss,

Kate Garner - Bjork Underwater

Kate Garner – Bjork Underwater,

Kate Garner - David Bowie

Kate Garner – David Bowie,

Kate Garner - Lisa-Ann

Kate Garner – Lisa-Ann,

Shadi Ghadirian
Shadi Ghadirian is a photographer born in Tehran, Iran where she also lives and works. She studied photography at Azad University in Tehran and she immediately started developing her photographic career after graduation. Her inspiration after college derived from the images she has perceived regarding during her life, giving special care to the issue of life contradictions. Ghadirian is trying to capture the difficulties of women in Iran but she also adds modern elements and useless objects to achieve a sense of visual ambiguity for her timeless images. Her images reflect human identities and more are closely related to her own identity as a woman and as a Muslim who lives in Iran. Her photography has been exhibited in many museums and art galleries across Europe and the US. She has also been featured in significant media such as New York Times and the Daily Telegraph.

Shadi Ghadirian - Untitled 1 (Miss Butterfly Series)

Shadi Ghadirian – (Miss Butterfly Series),

Shadi Ghadirian - Untitled 3 (Miss Butterfly Series)

Shadi Ghadirian – (Miss Butterfly Series),

Shadi Ghadirian - Untitled 4 (Miss Butterfly Series)

Shadi Ghadirian – (Miss Butterfly Series),

Shadi Ghadirian - #14 (Qajar Series)

Shadi Ghadirian – (Qajar Series),

Shadi Ghadirian - #19 (Qajar Series)

Shadi Ghadirian – (Qajar Series),

Shadi Ghadirian - Untitled 2 (Miss Butterfly Series)

Shadi Ghadirian – (Miss Butterfly Series),

Bruno Bisang
Bruno Bisang is one of the leading contemporary fashion photographers in Europe. Raised in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland, he studied at the School of Applied Arts for Photography in Zurich and he attended a photographic apprenticeship. From 1979 Bisang has been working as a freelance photographer in Zurich, Milan and Munich. He currently works between Milan, New York, Zurich and Paris for specific clients. He has been collaborating with significant international magazines including L’Officiel and Madame Figaro. He has photographed many celebrities including Monica Bellucci. He has exhibited his work in several museums and art galleries including the Kaune, Posnik, Spohr gallery for contemporary photography.

Bruno Bisang - Sky N.

Bruno Bisang – Sky N.,

Bruno Bisang - Linda Evangelista

Bruno Bisang – Linda Evangelista,

Bruno Bisang - Claudia Schiffer III

Bruno Bisang – Claudia Schiffer,

Bruno Bisang - Claudia Schiffer I

Bruno Bisang – Claudia Schiffer,

Bruno Bisang - Eva Herzigova II

Bruno Bisang – Eva Herzigova,

Jaime Ibarra
Jaime Ibarra is an American musician, composer, graphic designer and professional photographer. He has traveled to many places all over the world. His major influence, in terms of his photographic style, has been the images he gained from his journeys and his own lifestyle. He is also known for his editorials and commercial work which is very distinguishable. He has active and important collaborations with a significant clientele including Photography Masterclass Magazine and the MTV.

Jaime Ibarra - Sin Pausa

Jaime Ibarra – Sin Pausa,

Jaime Ibarra - Summon

Jaime Ibarra – Summon,

Jaime Ibarra - Up

Jaime Ibarra – Up,

Jaime Ibarra - Cold Enough

Jaime Ibarra – Cold Enough,

Jaime Ibarra - Ataraxia

Jaime Ibarra – Ataraxia,

Jaime Ibarra - Hindsight

Jaime Ibarra – Hindsight,

Jaime Ibarra - Strike

Jaime Ibarra – Strike,

Jaime Ibarra - Lucy In Disguise

Jaime Ibarra – Lucy In Disguise,

Carsten Witte
Carsten Witte is a photographer based in Hamburg, Germany. He studied at the Bielefeld School of Photography and then he worked as an assistant for established photographers until 1989 when he started working as a freelancer, building his own professional career as a photographer. His work is an anthem to the feminine beauty and he is exploring notions of sexuality and eroticism through his photographic lenses combined with the mysterious purity of the human beauty. He has collaborated with numerous international and magazines. His works have been exhibited in various important galleries since the ‘90s including the Metro Gallery in Melbourne and the Galerie Holbein in Hannover.

Carsten Witte - EbbaSkull#1 (Intuition Series)

Carsten Witte – EbbaSkull (Intuition Series),

Carsten Witte - AmandaSkull#1 (Intuition Series)

Carsten Witte – AmandaSkull (Intuition Series),

Carsten Witte - LeaSkull#1 (Intuition Series)

Carsten Witte – LeaSkull (Intuition Series),

Adolphus Opara
The sense of documentation is extremely obvious in Adolphus Opara’s photography. The Nigerian photojournalist who was born in Lagos, studied Photojournalism at the Nigerian Institute of Journalism in Lagos. He is an awarded and distinguishable photojournalist with significant nominations. Opara’s work is oriented by the daily efforts people pay in order to survive and he is extremely emotionally connected to his subjects, an aspect of his work which is clearly reflected through his images. His most recent works have faced a major shift from figurative to conceptual. He has collaborated with well- established magazines including The Financial Times (FT) and The Independent while his works have been displayed in colossal institutions such as Tate Modern in London and the National Museum in Nigeria.

Adolphus Opara - Untitled

Adolphus Opara,

Adolphus Opara - Firing Squad

Adolphus Opara – Firing Squad,

Adolphus Opara - Eko 02

Adolphus Opara – Eko 02,

Adolphus Opara - After The Oil Boom

Adolphus Opara – After The Oil Boom,

Bobby Neel Adams
The distinguishable images of photographer Bobby Neel Adams have a worldwide reputation. The photographer, who was born in North Carolina and currently lives in Arizona, has exhibited his works in various art institutions including the International Center for Photography in New York, the Houston Museum of Fine Arts and others, while his images can be also found in major private and public collections. His core interest in terms of his subject matter spans from a range of human portraitures to photographs of bugs and to series of insects, birds and mammals.

Bobby Neel Adams - American Anahinga (Drowned Series)

Bobby Neel Adams – American Anahinga (Drowned Series),

Bobby Neel Adams - Flower Pig (Drowned Series)

Bobby Neel Adams – Flower Pig (Drowned Series),

Bobby Neel Adams - Sally (Age-Map Series)

Bobby Neel Adams – Sally (Age-Map Series),

Bobby Neel Adams - Nick (Age-Map Series)

Bobby Neel Adams – Nick (Age-Map Series),

Bobby Neel Adams - Christian (Age-Map Series)

Bobby Neel Adams – Christian (Age-Map Series),

Mariel Clayton
The self-defined as “Doll Photographer” Mariel Clayton never stops to surprises us with her controversial work and her phlegmatic sense of black humor. Clayton was born in South Africa but she lives and works in Canada. She is clearly associated with the pop culture and she is using “Barbie” dolls photographed in rough and at times inappropriate scenes. Through her work she raises issues related to contemporary social stereotypes and prejudices. She developed her particular thematic interest during a journey in Japan when she came across Japanese miniatures. Her unique artistic style is standing out for itself.

Mariel Clayton - Peace

Mariel Clayton – Peace,

Mariel Clayton - Norwegian Wood

Mariel Clayton – Norwegian Wood,

Mariel Clayton - Eleanor Rigby

Mariel Clayton – Eleanor Rigby,

Mariel Clayton - Not Now Mommy Is Busy Go Play With Daddy

Mariel Clayton – Not Now Mommy Is Busy Go Play With Daddy,

Mariel Clayton - Into Dust

Mariel Clayton – Into Dust,

Munem Wasif
Photographer Munem Wasif grew up in a small city of Bangladesh named Comilla. He studied at the Photography School of Pathshala. He is a photographer who is interested in photographing people from his own environment in Bangladesh. He is emotionally connected to each individual experience deriving from the people he chooses to photograph. He is using a very specific story telling which narrates traditional stories of people. He is an awarded artist and has received the City of Perpignan “Young Reporter’s Award” in 2008. He has exhibited in many institutions worldwide including Musée de l’Elysée in Switzerland and the Whitechapel Gallery in London.

Munem Wasif - Salt Water Tears #1

Munem Wasif – Salt Water Tears,

Munem Wasif - Salt Water Tears #2

Munem Wasif – Salt Water Tears,

Munem Wasif - Jute Mill Worker

Munem Wasif – Jute Mill Worker,

Munem Wasif - Old Dhaka #1

Munem Wasif – Old Dhaka,

Munem Wasif - Climate Refugee

Munem Wasif – Climate Refugee,

Francisco Mata Rosas
Francisco Mata Rosas is a photographer born in Mexico. He studied photojournalism and he started his career very early. His work has been published in distinguishable media including The New York Times. His black and white artistic aesthetic is characteristic to his work while he is also using patterns in his photography. Notions of national identity and tradition are focal to his images. His photographs have been exhibited in different countries all over the world.

Francisco Mata Rosas - Viva Mexico

Francisco Mata Rosas – Viva Mexico,

Francisco Mata Rosas - La Muerte Del Sida

Francisco Mata Rosas – La Muerte Del Sida,

Francisco Mata Rosas - La Mano Del Hombre

Francisco Mata Rosas – La Mano Del Hombre,

Francisco Mata Rosas - Maruchan

Francisco Mata Rosas – Maruchan,

Francisco Mata Rosas - Paco Y Lorenza

Francisco Mata Rosas – Paco Y Lorenza,

As we can clearly see from the information regarding the photographers represented by the 5 Pieces Gallery, the common ground for all of them concludes in one word; internationalism. All of these artists are both distinguishable and significant in the contemporary art photography arena. They describe notions of everyday life, existential agony, personal identities and traditional reflection in their work using specific narratives and meretricious storytelling to achieve their scope. Those innovative complex ideas coming from the art of the 5 Pieces Gallery network of photographers together with their high- education and artistic voices, are characteristic for the scope of the gallery.

Many thanks to Anastasia Voutsa for providing the article. A special thank you to 5 Pieces Gallery for providing the images. You can check out more work from the artists, and many other artists as well, at 5 Pieces Gallery. You can follow their Facebook page here and their Twitter here.

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