Cycling in New York City – Cool Videos by Casey Neistat

“New York City is the greatest place on Earth,” filmmaker Casey Neistat says. “But living here is a huge pain in the ass.” One of the issues New Yorkers face is how to get from home to work quickly, comfortably, and without paying too much. For Casey, that means using a bicycle (when he’s not snowboarding through the city). Even though cycling has downsides, too, he’s been able to make some awesome videos based on his experiences as a New York cyclist. Here are a few favorites:

Bike Lanes
Casey got a $50 fine for riding his bike outside the bike lane. To show how ridiculous this ticket was, he decided to make a video demonstrating what exactly would happen if he never left the bike lane.

Bike Thief
After getting his bike stolen countless times, Casey began to wonder how easy stealing a bike in New York actually is. To find out, he conducted a ‘bike theft experiment’, locking up and then stealing his own bike in public places, including right in front of a police station. The results? Watch the video:

CitiBikes are a Pain in the Ass
On a quest to find the best mode of transport in New York, Casey tried out the new bike sharing system, CitiBikes, and measured it against his other usual options: taxis and his own bike.

Check out more of Casey’s work on his website, Facebook page or Youtube channel.

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