Dark and Detailed – Flower Photography by Valentina

Valentina is an Italian photographer with an eye for beauty and detail. Her close-up botanical photos show the complexity and color nuances of each petal, pistil and stamen of a flower. Using a background of pure black gives a serious tone to the otherwise lighthearted subject of flowers. It also concentrates attention on a limited area and emphasizes the dramatic curves inherent in flowers. Such a focused view reveals how a simple flower is bolder and more complicated than even the most fantastic ballroom dress.

To see more of Valentina’s photography, visit her website or Etsy shop.

Red Tulip

Red Tulip

blue Iris


red protea

Red Protea

timeless bellis flower


red yellow white tulips


purple tulip

Purple Tulip

yellow Daffodil


Blue Rose

Blue Rose

White Iris

White Iris



red rose

Red Rose



Yellow Daffodil

Yellow Daffodil

White Buttercup


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  1. Bill Kirkwood

    Outstanding and inspirational

  2. Robyn G

    Beautiful. True Art. Robyn

  3. sumalatha

    nice flowers, soooo beautiful………….


  4. Herb

    Beautiful images! Flowers placed directly on a scanner, right?

  5. Shirley Neeriemer

    These are incredible. They feel like the flower is laying on a piece of glass…I wonder about the technique used to get the picture. Love them.

  6. Mengthong

    Send me all the beautiful flower?

  7. ela

    So beautiful! Almost like a dance, the way the petals fold and unfold… And the bright colors against a black background just gives more life to the flowers. Love it! Thanks for sharing

  8. John C Doornkamp

    Absolutely stunning.
    True works of art.

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