Day to Night Photos by Stephen Wilkes

Award winning photographer Stephen Wilkes has put together an amazing “Day to Night” series of photographs which capture the changing time of day into one scene. Each image was photographed throughout the day and a selection of photos from hundreds taken were blended together to create a very interesting picture.

See more of Stephen’s work on his website.

Times Square, Day to Night

Park Avenue, Day to Night


Washington Square, Day to Night

The Highline, Day to Night


Day to Night

Gramercy Park, Day to Night

Coney Island Boardwalk, Day to Night

Central Park, Day to Night

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  1. Abdullah naseer

    the combination of day and night in photos has been a very amazing thing to be done, but i have not seen it done so great…. is it that you combined two photos taken at different times or have given effects, and if effects then were they been done in camera while photographing or done it at another software?

  2. shamima

    is it real or edited? whatever very exceptional and excellent pictures! very good work!

    • Mister Smartypants

      They’re real – no editing at all (no matter what the article said). It’s an amazing thing that happens once every 1.1 millions years: the sun is simultaneously in two places at once. True story.

  3. Stephen Pattison

    this is better

  4. parvane

    wooooooooooow! look at theeeeeese. great job. i loved the 3th last the most. continue this :) :x

  5. PassingBy

    Brilliant. Inspiring!

  6. frizztext

    great idea – and realization!

  7. Mel

    Wow, love the images!. Thank you for posting

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