A Heartwarming Photo Book – Days With My Father

As one of my favorite photo books, Days with My Father (Amazon is an affiliate partner) is a heartwarming story about a man’s relationship with his father during his final days. Phillip Toledano’s photography and writing is beautifully done and his honest perspective is both artful and personal.

days with my father

Read the full story/book on the Days with My Father website and order it on Amazon.

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The Soul Explorer


chiatoh vena veny

like what ur doin and that give me alot of inspiration cus i like photography alot..

juli maganda

he is a strong man

Jay Sullivan

Hi Nate,

After reading your review of Days with my Father, I thought you might be interested in viewing and writing about my series “Glove” which traces my father’s descent from top IBM salesman to homeless on the streets of Brooklyn 20 years later. The website is: http://www.jsullivanartist.com

Thanks for your interest.


Jay Sullivan

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