Deer Sightings – Nature Photography by Katya Horner

Katya Horner, also known as ‘Slight Clutter’ in the photography community, works as a freelance photographer in Houston, Texas. She began her photography career at age 35, when she chose to pursue “a life of impoverished creativity” over the potential riches of her MBA degree. She’s especially talented at photographing foggy, pre-dawn landscapes. By going out early in the morning, when animals are still roaming about, she’s been able to get some amazing wildlife shots, including these beautiful pictures of deer.

To see more of Katya’s photography, visit her website, facebook page or etsy shop.

deer Katya Horner

Deer Xing

deer Katya Horner

two deer in fog

deer Katya Horner

deer dreams

deer Katya Horner

portrait session

deer Katya Horner

deer run

deer Katya Horner

Two Deer on Green

deer Katya Horner

Bambi and Thumper

deer Katya Horner

The Beautiful Creatures

deer Katya Horner

the road traveled

deer Katya Horner

Hill Country

deer Katya Horner

queen’s guard

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  1. martin

    These pictures are fantastic, I need to get up early and head out with my camera. We have some amazing Royal parks in south west London that are full of the deer! Thanks for sharing, inspiring photography :-)

  2. Emily

    Just lovely. I especially like the two with the signs – “Deer Crossing” and “Closed”… We see a lot of deer in our travels in the western US states, but they bound away so fast it’s hard to catch with the camera! A few weeks back while sailing in Mexico our boat was surrounded by breaching whales… the problem catching them on camera is you never know where they’ll pop up!!!

    Thanks for sharing these mystical images…

  3. Chroma Coat Green Screen

    The pictures are really awesome, the clearity of the pictures was amazing. Thanks for the share.

  4. EE

    these are great! beautiful pictures

  5. beths

    Your pictures are so spiritual. Kerriville Texas was the hill country where I grew up – where is your ‘hill country’?

    I had beautiful times with my Dad deer hunting and boar hunting. He would leave me in a ‘blind’ way before dawn so the deer would not see us arrive and I spent hours in miserable cold before I would seek him out to go home. The one time we went boar hunting, I was placed in a 20′ foot tall stand (so it seemed) connected to a fence. After many hours of boredom, I climbed down and started looking for my father when a boar suddenly was in front of me charging – I instinctively knelt and shot as my father taught me on the shooting range. I, not it, survived and to this day the stuffed head my father had a taxidermist preserve sits on my home office wall at the age of 77.

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