Dramatic Details – Conceptual Portraits by Alison Claire Uher

Michigan photographer Alison Uher of Alison Claire Photography has been obsessively shooting photos since she was seven, when she got her first camera. She’s detail-oriented and uses simple scenes with a few, specific elements to spark complicated emotions. In her conceptual portraits, these small but dramatic details can be a smear of paint, a single word, or just a hidden face. Her creative style reveals not only the subjects and models she captures, but also her personality as the photographer. Citing a source of inspiration, she quotes Ansel Adams: “There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.”

To see more of Alison’s photos, visit her website, flickr photostream or etsy shop.

writing on hands Alison Uher

Define Yourself

Alison Uher


Alison Uher


Alison Uher

Leave Your Mark

Angel Alison Uher


Alison Uher

Shut It

Alison Uher

Artificial Tears

Hope Alison Uher


Alison Uher

Blown Up

Alison Uher

Say Cheese

Alison Uher

All I See

Alison Uher


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Sophie Williams

I LOVE these shots! They were all gorgeous and made me speachless. The one that really touched me and (i know its cheesy but…) connected with my soul was your “Marked”. Something about the combination of beauty, mystery, and they way it was even a little bit creepy. I love it.

Gibbie in the Sky

Great photos. I love your creative way of portraying people. Great Makeup too.

Molly Dumas

Great work! Each of them touched me. Absolutely wonderful. Thank you!


very in your face pictures. almost shouting. personal.
somehow scary.

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