Drawing City Skylines from Memory – Stephen Wiltshire

“Director/DP Noah David Smith recently teamed up with humble and Publicis to shoot a touching film for UBS featuring artist, Stephen Wiltshire. After spending the early years of his life as a mute Stephen found his voice through drawing. Later diagnosed with autism, drawing began to be the way he communicated with the world. At age nine he began to speak and his art continued to flourish.

Stephen has the amazing talent of drawing city skylines from memory. Having spent only a few hours in a helicopter flying from Brooklyn to the tip of Manhattan, he memorized the city skyline and headed back to a studio to begin his drawing. Stephen then spent the next 3 days sketching the skyline.”

See more of Stephen’s work on his website.

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Chris Fleming

A truly inspiring piece. My wife is training to become a speech pathologist and I couldn’t help but notice how mild his autism is yet his memory and attention to detail does has sevant written all over it. Its inspiring that someone with such an exceptional gift is able to communicate to the world not only through his drawings but now through his words. I’m sure his sister who speaks in the video gave him tremendous courage during this development.

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