Dreamlike Portraits by Alex Benetel

Alex Benetel is a 19-year-old fine art photographer from Sydney, Australia. Her imaginative portraits give a sense of being a dream or a mythical story by mixing real-world objects and settings with strange effects and juxtapositions. Her goal, she says, is “to create beautiful photographs that capture mysterious yet dream-like worlds, filled with oddities that encompass aspects of reality.” Though young, she seems to have already accomplished much of that goal.

To see more of Alex’s photography, visit her facebook page or flickr photostream.

portrait falling flowers

Free fallin’ with a subtle scent of Spring

Infatuation portrait

Stage 1: Infatuation.

woman floating in water

Crime of despair.

portrait white dress water

Her enchanted nature.

portrait victorian dress umbrella


confetti falling portrait

Summer’s colour

druid portrait

Nature’s Way

portrait red car sydney australia

Once and for all, they abandoned what they knew

smoke portrait

An obstructed view.

portrait birds scarf

Together we can rise.

superman portrait

The Balancing Act

purple flower field portrait

Where we used to run

portrait knitting scarf sun


portrait sitting on fence

This matter is mine, don’t worry I’m fine.

portrait on beach seaweed monster

Lost and wanting to be found.

portrait jump water beach

Sitting on Top of the World

purple flowers portrait


floating in water portrait


portrait books flying

Untouched impossibilities

portrait chair in field

The departed.

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Willie Robb

I love square format and the compositional potential it has. This a fantastic series of well thought out imagery which seems passive to begin with but develops into uncanny concern. There is a lot of detachment which adds to the painterly aesthetic. Lost and wanting to be found; fave.



Ratna Singh

I’m really turning to be added in ur fan club. this pics are mindblowing…

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