DSLR Speed Demon Beltpack Giveaway (Winner Announced)

Tasos was drawn as the winner. Congrats!

Want to win a Think Tank Photo Speed Demon V2.0 Beltpack to hold and protect your DSLR? Like Think Tank Photo and Photography Blogger on Facebook then leave a comment below to enter this giveaway.

Sometime before midnight on Friday November 4th, 2011 we’ll randomly select one entry as the winner (anyone in the world that can have a package delivered can enter).

speed demon

“The Speed Convertible series are hybrid shoulder bags/belt packs designed for photographers who value versatile and ergonomic camera bags. First and foremost a contoured shoulder bag, the Speed Convertibles keep photo gear readily accessible. The wide opening flip-top design hinges away from the body to rapidly work in and out of the bag. As a shoulder bag, the Speed Convertibles offer durable zippers, a secondary main compartment entry, and multiple pockets for small accessories. A cushioned shoulder strap with a long section of padding maximizes comfort while carrying the bag in different positions.”

- Easily converts from streamlined shoulder bag to functional belt pack
- Integrated waist belt “disappears” by tucking into zippered size pockets
- Modular rails built into waist belt for adding Modular Rotation System components to increase gear capacity

Read more about this on TTP’s website.

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  1. Joe

    I really like my retrospective 10, this would be a great addition!

  2. beth

    i think this would be an amazing item for me to have! and it’s so cool that you guys keep giving away awesome things like this!

  3. Becca

    “A photograph is often looked at, seldom looked into.” – Ansel Adams

  4. The EL

    yew! i need a camera bag!

  5. Marie

    Pick me! Pick me!! (randomly of course) :-)

  6. Ted Thomason

    Oooooh! Pick me! I’d love to win one of these and review it on my youtube channel!

  7. Dan Wampler

    I could so use this for those times when I need to be mobile with just one camera. I know how well Think Tanks products are made, so I know this would hold up under serious use. I do hope I am the lucky one you choose.

  8. xteena

    just bought d3100 with all of my money saving (it’s still count as expensive stuff in Indonesia) , but still don’t have the bag.. :( hope can get it.. :)

  9. Ramit

    Two in the belt never hurt anyone!!!
    I love the DSLR belt pack!

  10. Terrence

    I’ve always been interested in photography and mos of my skill has been on the old Nikon film. I remember developing film in the Black room and hat was fun thing to do. Never did i imagine that we’d be able to take pictures digitally, but then again technology is on the rise.

  11. Katelyn

    Consider me entered! Need a new bag!

  12. John

    Looks like an interesting bag

  13. milxxon

    thanks giveaway!!!

    this is undoubtedly the best of their features.

    As a shoulder bag, the Speed Convertibles offer durable zippers, a secondary main compartment entry, and multiple pockets for small accessories.

  14. Randy

    Very nice thanks for giving us a chance to win I appreciate it

  15. Stacey

    Awesome camera, would love to win this amazing prize, I love Photography and would love to start taking professional photos again with a nice camera.

  16. Rachel

    Another great giveaway! Good luck to everyone!

  17. Alexander Genvarev


  18. Denise Worden

    I Could really use another bag & would love for it to be a Think Tank!

  19. Satish

    Its a wonderful site and its blogs have aided in improving my technique !!!!

    Wish u gift this bag to my sister ;)

  20. Scarlett

    “No photographer is as good as the simplest camera” <3

  21. edoarda

    would come in so handy for the start of my photo career!

  22. Kien

    I’ve never used Thinktank products before, I would love to have the chance to try them out and promote their qualities to my friends and colleagues.

  23. Shilpa Gautam

    For me photograph is a reflection of your inner self, its the same world with the new perspective, its a story of love, sorrow, joy, beauty, and all the human emotions. Its how I can describe myself best, Its ME.

  24. Louise

    hmm… maybe I should buy a new camera to go with this ;)

  25. Hon Au

    Looks interesting! Would be useful in a lot of situations.

  26. Alvin S

    Would love to pair this with my Streetwalker HD

  27. JASON

    I want one!

  28. Thieu Nguyen

    This is will be a good match with my DSLR. I still carry the carry itself wherever I go without a case. @_@

  29. Pete

    Send me one…..I need this!

  30. kirene

    send it to me! :)

  31. Jeff Flottman

    Love my Retrospective!

  32. Iuliana F

    i could really use this! thanks for the giveaway!

  33. silviu

    I want it ! 500px.com/silviu_v

  34. Mathias

    why not .. a new bag newer hurt anyone :)

  35. Lindy

    Still in shopping mode for my first DSLR….saved up for ages and would need a safe place to store it when I am on the move taking photographs…..looks perfect for the job!!

  36. Howard

    I could use this, I need a new bag because my 12 year old canon backpack is falling apart.

  37. Richard Vier

    Looks to be a good bag. Here’s hoping. :)

  38. stefan

    Great bag! would love to get my hands on it!

  39. Ian

    Wow, nowadays no one gives anything for free. It seems there are still people with golden hearts:) Keep it up.

  40. Jorge

    super, I really really need to win cause my old backpack is ready to go to the trash can.

  41. Jessah

    It was my dream for so many years! love this :)

  42. taikaw

    This looks like a slick bag!
    i wanit baaaddd!

  43. Adrian Chinery

    It’s mine …. all mine

  44. Dirk Essl

    Nice bag that is!

  45. Luc Wyns

    I want one !

  46. Mark Kalan

    I never have enough photo bags! What I lack is the ability to make a quick decision as to which one to take!

  47. sue v

    awesome giveaway… this looks great

  48. Scott

    I would REALLY like this bag, and am SUPER glad your site is back up!

  49. sridhar

    i want it tooooo !!!!!!!

  50. Sandra Kielback

    Wow! Looks awesome! Can’t wait.

  51. Kayla

    I love these giveaways!! This looks like it would be a great bag for my new nikon d3100! :)

  52. Paul

    Good Luck to ME!

  53. Evert Buitendijk

    I am saving for a Canon 7D. This bag will be great to store in. ;-)

  54. mindy :)

    I’d be loving you forever if I was the random winner! :)

  55. Leah

    Aw something like this would be fantastic in helping me get my concert photography career up n running! :o


    perfect for my field assignments!

  57. Kevin

    This bag looks great!

  58. Patrick Seow

    trying my luck… :)

  59. Natisha

    How bout me?! :)

  60. Abbey-Jade Birden

    Ahh this would be perfect for me as I hate big fussy bags!

  61. Jesi Andrzejewski

    Wow.. awesome giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity. i’ve been looking for a new bag so this would be great!

  62. Me'chele

    Yay me too. Need all the help I can get!!!

  63. Tom Stumpfig

    Great Bag.

  64. Brooke McIntire

    I would LOVE to win this! A friend at my old church had one he used at youth camp last summer, and I’ve wanted one ever since! SO much more convenient than my current method of shoving lenses and flash and other “extras” in my pockets!

  65. Zi Kai

    awesome giveaways from u guys again! =D i wasn’t lucky enough the previous time, pls let me WIN THIS TIME!!! =D cheers fellow photographers~!

  66. Siti Rudebaugh

    I’ve always wanted a Think Tank bag! Aaaarrghhh…!!! I want! I want! This one is perfect, it’s named Speed Demon.. just like my Cafe Racer motorcycle! :D

  67. Tan Jian Shen

    Think that 2 is better than 1….
    Tank your camera and lens in the bag….no more worries :)

  68. Sam

    i definitely need a smaller bag!! :)

  69. Stan

    I spend a lot of time in the field and have been looking for a rig to carry my photography equipment for easy access. This item looks like it would do just that

  70. Joe Marek

    Almost bought one!!! Hoping I get it for my birthday. Winning one would be awesome!!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win one,

  71. Claude

    Nice bag, I could use one like that! Mine is getting too small.

  72. Geraldina


  73. Charlotte McAlpine

    I have just gotten into photography and take some awesome pictures, tooting my own horn, but I could really use a bag to carry when I hike or do my people watching

  74. Spyros

    ooh, your giveaways are the best!! Very nice case good luck to all!

  75. Prakash

    Thats a great giveaway, count me in

  76. Kavya

    Ye Ye This is Good!!! I m loving it :)

  77. Aditya

    I can afford one but I like free stuff…. And I love photography!

  78. Bappaditya Dasgupta

    Somehow, i think i will win this one ;)

  79. Shawn

    Could really use something like this for my assignments involving lots of travel.

  80. Douglas

    Great bag. Would love to win it.

  81. Jackie Langley

    This is the right bag for me :D

  82. Moni

    I would really like one!!!

  83. Feby

    Great bag. Would love to win it!!!

  84. Justin

    Think tank makes the best belt packs out there!

  85. Dennis

    I need one!!!!

  86. Photomarc

    If you THINK you’re a PHOTOGRAPHY BLOGGER, then you must have TANK(en) the PHOTO!

  87. Nancy Kleist

    I’d love to try the belt pack.

  88. Traci Ross

    I’m definitely in the market for a camera bag

  89. Zee Lyn

    Great give away and wonderful sites.

  90. Lynn Berney

    Could really use this bag.

  91. Brent

    Since my stroke April of this year I’m always looking for ways to travel lighter – but finances limit my options. So here’s hoping I win, I can afford that!

  92. John Mee

    I love to win this as it would save me from having to carry around my big backpack when I go out on a photowalk.

  93. Marco Pirrongelli

    Sweet. Thank you PB and TTP for this giveaway.

  94. John Tarry

    Pick Me

  95. Maggi

    This is my kind of gear :D … you guys PB and TTP always made my day with your tweets! Thanks

  96. Migz

    I want it. (Just that simple.)

  97. Mark

    Would make a great photographic ‘day’ bag

  98. Alexius Lim

    ooh this would be great! need it for quick access when on the go!

  99. Keshav Kumar Thapa

    I need a bag for my DSLR desperately! I need it !

  100. Kisun Pokharel

    I think I will win :)

  101. Kaiva

    I would be very happy to have it! :)

  102. Nikisnaps

    I would love to win this!!! Wishing everyone luck!!!!

  103. Gabija

    I want it

  104. Anika

    Oh! I’d love this!

  105. Jeremiah

    Disabled vet photo student with low income here would love the bag!

  106. Julian

    oh gosh i wanna win :D

  107. Gerard

    This would be awesome, don’t have a camera bag yet

  108. Desiree

    Cool giveaway. Hope I win it!

  109. Antjphotog

    Nice bag, hope I win. Good luck everyone.

  110. Kim

    I would looove one of these!!!

  111. Phil Banker

    I would like this as well.

  112. Alisha

    This is amazing. Have been looking for a lens belt, but this would sure do the trick!! Thanks for posting a give away! Pick me! Pick me!!

  113. Jason

    Nice bag.

  114. Dang Nguyen

    Think Tank means high quality with maximum practicality. Crossing my fingers.

  115. Donna Cregger

    Think Tank products rock! Gotta have this!!!

  116. Daniel T

    Count me in!

  117. Don Mason


  118. Dan H

    Would love to get one of these to replace my old ratty leather bag which is two or three times too big :(

  119. Lori Kutsch

    I don’t have a good bag for my camera and lenses so this would be awesome!

  120. TGF

    Thanks for a great resource!

  121. Michelle Overcash

    I’ve been shopping for a new camera bag and this one is perfect!

  122. RCoxPhotos

    I would LOVE to have one of these.

  123. john

    pick me

  124. john

    i want

  125. Jessica T

    love this site

  126. David Fenner

    I’ve got a new opportunity to travel to Thailand with my camera & I’ve been eyeing up your bags to take it with me. What are the chances? Rucksacks can make your back so sweaty, particularly in the tropics. Fingers crossed!

  127. Kathy Detweiler

    I’d love to win this to carry my new Canon in, thanks for the giveaway!

  128. sychuan

    try my luck over here…cheers

  129. Carlos Sarmento

    heyyy i wanna take part on this one!!

  130. Matt Ferrell

    Very cool giveaway! I Liked “Think Tank Photo” and “Photography Blogger” on Facebook as Matt Ferrell

  131. Zakariyya Paruk

    The bag looks amazing and looks like it could be very handy to me!

  132. KAREN

    I would LOVE this! Thanks so much for the opportunity

  133. David Levin

    I’d really like to win this bag! All of Think Tank Photo’s products are great!

  134. Mike Gothard

    Just liked Think Tank & Photography Blogger on Facebook. Fingers crossed!

  135. michalczekanski

    This is awesome bag!!

  136. Brianna Sorenson

    hey!! this would be great!! Love this!! :) pick me!!!

  137. Sharlea

    Count me in!

  138. Chris Coleman

    Why not?

  139. Patrick Visser

    this will be a great addition to my airport takeoff.

  140. Kenny Chan

    I don’t have DLSR…
    But this is so cools!!!

  141. Tony R Pegg

    I could really use a new bag. The one I have had for over six years in coming apart at the seams.

  142. Shaun Low

    randomly pick me! would be great with my soon-to-have dslr :D

  143. john

    i want it

  144. Leo

    I have been looking to get a bag just like this for some time..

  145. GRO.photography

    Never win anything…..here goes nothing….PICK ME!!!

  146. Chris Y

    nice looking bag

  147. Mark Kalan

    As my wife can never have too many shoes, I can never have too many camera bags…

    btw – I love ThinkTank products!

  148. John Cornicello

    If I win, please don’t tell my wife I have another camera bag. Please!!

  149. Lois Bjelke

    After watching hubby fumble with the bag that came with the new Nikon DSLR while we were in Utah, this looks like a huge improvement. And being unemployed it would give me something to give him for Christmas!!

  150. Ashley Wills

    The bag I have is way too small I have to cram all my stuff in it when I go on a shoot it would be awesome to have a more spacious bag :)

  151. Wes

    I’d love to have this addition to my supplies!

  152. Jeffrey Adam Danyleyko

    Neat! Pick I!

  153. Alicia Clifford

    This looks fabulous! :D I already liked both pages so hooray! Happy day to the lucky winner hope its me :) :) :)

  154. Alyssa

    As a poor college student and an aspiring photographer, this would help me out in achieving my goals.

  155. digital graphics

    Nice Looping bag, I liked both fanpages

  156. Vishanth George

    There is so much beauty trapped in the arms of time and to capture it – you got to be the man of the moment. And before the blink of an eye where the moment is over… i want to open my Think Tank, take out my Nikon D2X and shoot and record History In The Making. and when all said and done… i want to Keep my camera back into the protective cradle and be rest assured that me, my camera and history… is forever safe!

  157. Yuri P.

    my bag is too small, need this one for my Canon:) with lenses and flash

  158. gill

    ooh! love it & want one :-)

  159. Natisha

    I could really a bag like this right now. :)

  160. Jacy

    Just bought my 1st DSLR camera and I NEED THIS! I take my camera everywhere and want it to be safe always :)

  161. Irina

    awesome bag !

  162. Steven

    This would be really useful for my photo gear right now!

  163. Scott

    Need a bag to hold my DSLR. Sounds like a great giveaway!

  164. Juan Tedin

    Wow! amazing giveaway! It would be great to win this fantastic bag..I really need one.

    Good luck to everyone!

  165. Anthony

    Be totally awesome to win, though I wish I had better than my Rebel T1i to put in it!

    Thanks a lot for the giveaway!

  166. Alan

    If your not in, you can’t win. So fingers crossed…

  167. John Matter

    I like that it’s optionally expanable via the belt.

  168. Allan Christian

    Awesome case.. the best a DSLR can expect..

  169. Dana Reinhold

    I would get so much use out of this bag. The one I have barely fits my 2 lenses, and the camera. Would love to win this!

  170. john

    i need a bag for my nikon

  171. Pooja

    Looks really good. Good luck to all :)

  172. Jessah

    :D Goodluck to everyone

  173. Amanda

    I’d love this! I need a new bag terribly!

  174. Tasos

    Just bought my EOS 550D! Would be great to get a nice bag like this! ;)

  175. Ahmad Zairi Mohd Zain

    i want this!!

  176. Gerard

    Please please let me win :)

  177. Janis Hampton

    This looks like a terrific bag and I’d love to win it!

  178. Dharmin Kansara

    Awesum beltpack giveaway.. Count me in…

  179. Mike Wiesman

    Would like to try one of these out, might come in handy for certain shooting conditions.

  180. thomas lieser

    let me discover my female side — I need a new bag!

  181. Jason England

    Would be great to have a smaller bag, backpacks can be so bulky when you don’t need all your equipment.

  182. jen lapuz

    would love this bag

  183. Tang

    There’s always room on my camera for more peripherals…!!

  184. Bryn

    Functional and not too geeky, I want!

  185. Sergio

    Hi. I just got my first DSLR and one of these would really come in handy. Great job guys. Thanks.

  186. Jessica T

    pick me, pick me

  187. Gretta

    Just got an awesome new camera for my birthday…I could really use one of these!

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