Enigmatic Atmospheres – Landscape Photography by Patrice Mestari

Landscape photographer Patrice Mestari has a sharp eye for powerful atmospheres and beautiful light. His portfolio allows us to travel through his eyes, offering a rare view from around the world with sublime clarity and ethereal colors.

Winter landscape and dramatic sky

Patrice describes his work below:

“Over the past 10 years, I have specialized in landscape photography. Constantly in search of rare and ephemeral atmospheres, I travel the world to find inspiration. Through this passion, I discovered beautiful landscapes and places of interest, but also many species of wildlife. Nature is indeed my chosen field, but I also enjoy photojournalism.”

Old Man of Storr

My site exists for you discover some of my work, but also to share with you moments that will remain forever etched in my memory. I remember these ephemeral moments often with much happiness. With a photo, you can enter these moments, these little somethings that move us. I hope these pictures will make you travel, but you will receive them in the same manner that they have touched me.”

Snow landscape

You can view more of Patrice’s work on his website, and also follow him on his social media pages: Facebook and 500px.

Long exposure of rock in ocean

Long exposure of swaying palm trees

Lac des Cerces - Savoie Hummingbird and bokeh

metallic-colored Hummingbird

Blue hour landscape of rocky canyon

Old Man of Storr

Lac des Cerces - Savoie

The Heart - Lac des Cerces - Savoie

Dernières lueurs - Lac de Plan du Lac - Termignon - Savoie

Chemin vers l'Automne - Lac de Moncineyre - Auvergne - Puy-de-D

La magie de l'Automne - Chateau-Bernard - Isère

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