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Congrats to Becky M. who was selected as the winner!

Once you have a general knowledge of shooting landscapes, it’s exciting to get out there and put those new skills to work with your camera. But when it comes time to load the hundreds of photos after a shoot, sometimes it’s difficult to sort through all the shots to find the good ones, because you might be just shooting anything that you think might work. Being picky as a landscape photographer is a good trait to have and many times it takes a workshop with a good photographer to recognize when and where to take the shot.

intimate landscapes

Nature photographer and videographer Rob Sheppard can help you refine your landscape photography techniques with his photography class on Craftsy (link). As the author of more than 40 books on photography and a well-known speaker and workshop leader, Rob’s experience is a perfect source to learn from.

intimate landscapes

What you’ll get with this helpful photography course:
– 8 HD video lessons with anytime, anywhere access
– A downloadable gear list and shooting tips
– Detailed instruction and photography demonstration
– Direct feedback from Rob in the virtual classroom
– Watch classes on your own schedule: wherever, whenever you want
– Your access never expires
– Money back guarantee

We’ve also teamed up with Craftsy to give one of our readers this course for free. Enter to win this photography class here. Deadline to enter is Friday, May 2, 2014.

Shooting Intimate Landscapes Course Preview:

1. The Elements of a Good Photograph
Learn from Rob about what defines a good photo and how to make creative choices so you can come away with your best shot.

2. Finding Subject Matter
Learn about Rob’s gear and how to choose the right equipment. You’ll take a look at potential subjects and find out when to say no to a shot.

3. Composition
Refine your landscape techniques with better composition. You’ll learn to add dimension and movement as well as how to ignore the Rule of Thirds.

4. Seeing Light
Light is extremely important in landscape photography. You’ll learn to evaluate and adjust the natural light elements of your photo.

5. Exposure and White Balance
You’ll learn more about the histogram, what it’s telling you, and how to use it as a tool for better photos.

6. Depth of Field
Using lens choice, angle, and distance, Rob will help you develop a better depth of field in your photos.

7. Using Wide-Angle Lenses
Many times moving is better than zooming and you’ll learn when to do that. You’ll also explore the possibilities of the fisheye lens.

8. Using Telephoto Lenses
Many landscape photographers think that the wide-angle lens is the go to piece of equipment of shots. You’ll learn about how to use the telephoto lens to open up more composition options when shooting and how you small changes can really make a great photo even better.

Learn more about this landscape photography class on Craftsy here.

Enter to win this landscape photography class!

Here are a few photos taken from the course.

depth of field

landscape photography


landscape photography

This post/giveaway is sponsored by Craftsy.

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