22 Escalator Pictures That Will Keep You Off The Stairs

Here are 22 pictures that will have you taking the escalator every time.

Central station

Central station by Stig Nygaard

...today went fast forward

...today went fast forward by Gerrit Wenz

The path less travelled

The path less travelled by Andy Morris


Plunging by Luigi Anzivino


Escalators by jsaneb

Copenhagen Central Space Station

Copenhagen Central Space Station by Björn Söderqvist

Dupont Circle Escalators

Dupont Circle Escalators by Alex Barth


up by Steve Bartlett

Warp Zone

Warp Zone by Stefano Corso


Escalated by sharkbait


escalating by Shinichi Higashi


Ascend by Thomas Hawk


Step by Thomas Hawk

Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf by Grant Nicholson


uplifting by Phil Hilfiker

The Party Is Over

The Party Is Over by Gerrit Wenz

Jacob's Ladder

Jacob's Ladder by Laura


auditorio by Oscar Juárez

Nydalen T

Nydalen T by Arild Storaas


Untitled by Seite-3

Atomic Stairs (Escalier atomique)

Atomic Stairs (Escalier atomique) by Fred

Russian metro

Russian metro by Éole Wind

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  1. Joe Alisa

    Here’s an escalator shot of mine: http://www.flickr.com/photos/joealisa/2342304400/

    Perhaps you would consider contributing it to this post :)

    - Joe

  2. Joe Alisa

  3. David

    It’s great how something as simple as escalators can be so interesting. Very dynamic.

  4. jmleclercq

    Great Collection..Here’s one of mine : http://photos.jmleclercq.com/red/h249f5fa2

  5. t.a

    it’s amazing!! I love the 1st picture!

  6. selly


  7. eta

    wow..Canary Wharf by GTPS is the coolest escalator…

  8. arieff

    It’s great how something as simple as escalators can be so interesting. Very dynamic.

  9. ardhan

    very nice photos, i like it :D

  10. aiva

    woow… it’s great…

  11. ridwan

    so amazing

  12. eric

    so wonderfull
    nice post…:)

  13. ilham

    cool picture

  14. wijonarko

    very nice photograph..
    that’s amazing view..

  15. eka

    that is awesome! nice post. thanks

  16. dety

    wow good view. i like it

  17. oky

    very beautiful picture…
    i like it

  18. roy

    i like the third picture… that’s really amazing..

  19. rifky

    great picture..

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