Evoking Light – Landscape Photography by Maria Kaimaki

Profile picture of Greek landscape photographer Maria Kaimaki Greek landscape photographer Maria Kaimaki has the surreal ability to photograph our world in vivid color and tones. The natural light dances across her images, transforming each photograph into a splendid visual show that transports you to another moment in time.

Autumn Interlude

Maria describes her work below:

“I spent half of my life thinking that a camera was just for capturing family snapshots or recording events. Then came the day when I realized that some people use it to create art. I spent the other half of my life admiring those people’s work, convinced that photography as an art was something beyond my reach. The proof was the disappointing snapshots that were the result of my attempts to capture nature as I wanted to. My simple point-and-shoot camera stubbornly refused to produce anything resembling art.”

Under the Red by Greek landscape photographer Maria Kaimaki

“Photography came much later on in my life and changed it forever. In the summer of 2008 Konstantinos Vasilakis came into my life with a huge bag full of photographic equipment, a vast knowledge of all aspects of landscape photography and a willingness (more like a stubborn determination actually) to share everything with me. In doing so he opened a door to a whole new way of seeing and appreciating the world around me, a new philosophy and way of life. I realized that up till then I merely glanced and never noticed, never fully grasped nature’s beauty and meaning and its healing effect.”

Autumn Pallette - colored reflections in a lake

“Sitting behind a camera you understand your true place and significance in the grand scheme of things. Some say they find themselves out there immersed in nature, some say they lose themselves, many speak about achieving inner balance, peace, tranquility… Different words to describe the same fundamental feeling of finding your roots, your true place and home in nature.”

The Dark Traveller - an abandoned shipreck under a pastel sky

“For me the key word is perspective. In those quiet moments of waiting you can’t escape the thought that what surrounds you was there long before you entered the scene and will be there long after you’re gone. Everything comes into perspective once you realize you’re just a pixel in the big picture, everything acquires its real size and significance in the grand scale of things and suddenly all your troubles and worries seem insignificant, ephemeral and unimportant.”

Prisoners of the Dusk, stone structure and wall along the coast

“And that’s not the whole story either… Because a tiny pixel in the big picture you may be, but if you can capture a moment of eternity then for a moment you can at least feel as if you’ve touched immortality.”

Underneath the Veil by Maria Kaimaki, hills and trees during the golden hours

“Photography became for me the means to collect experiences and memories and live those precious moments I feel I briefly touch immortality. Sometimes I’m able to transform these experiences and memories into a photograph. Other times they just remain as images in my mind. They are equally real to me either way.”

Suspended in Light - houses on a cliffside with mist

You can see more of Maria’s work on her portfolio site, and follow her on Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter.

The Song of the Sirens by Maria Kaimaki

A shipwreck under the colorful sky of the golden hours

Birds resting on a bare tree reflected in water

Light at the End of the World by Maria Kaimaki

Blue and purple sky reflected in still waters

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Lawrence Camera

It truly is all about perspective! Thank you sharing this photographer’s work!

Bernie Zajac

Great portfolio! Have been following Maria on other various sharing sites and it’s great to see the work highlighted here.

Stéphane Bon

There are many nice pictures in your portfolio. I especially like the lighthouse on its rock.


Danny Campbell

Nice photos and keep up the good work.


I love how the colors reflect on the waters in your photos


WOW! how did she do these?! really cool.


These images are absolutely breathtaking! Wow! I am digging into Maria’s website right now to see more of her work. Thanks for sharing her work here.

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